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1990 - The Tea Party consisting of Jeff Martin as lead
vocals/lead guitar, Stuart Chatwood on bass and keyboards
and Jeff Burrows on drums officially forms after a marathon
jam session at Cherry Beach Rehearsal Studios on Toronto's

1991 - The Tea Party release their first album
independently. The self-titled debut was mainly distributed
throughout Ontario and all 3500 original pressings sold out
within a year.

1992 - Ontario club circuit tour begins. During this time
the band turned down several offers of recording More...

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Reviews about The Tea Party songs

awesome lyrics!!!! | Reviewer: Steven Banks
    ------ About the song Walking Wounded performed by The Tea Party

Jeff Martin is a spiritual mastermind his songs vibrate through my soul n make my mind tingle with a feeling of haveing lived the words n life of everysoul he speaks of i can't even put it into words worthy of how the words to this song n his other songs make me feel Jeff you are awesome n never stop writeing peace brother

Mantra : It's great believe me ! | Reviewer: Vincent Jalbert
    ------ About the song Mantra performed by The Tea Party

3 years ago, when The tea party release The interzone mantra album, I remember that I totaly dislike it. The main reason is probably because my taste of music had changed whit the time or maybe just because the album didn't really deserve much attention from me at this time... I remember that the drum sound was awful in some songs to my ears and I didn't like all the slow songs on the album ans I put the CD away from my Cd player for 3 years... Now surprise !!! The tea party have release their new album in August 2004 called Seventh circles... and I have mixed feeling again... It's a great departure from their previous sound.. but a lot more commercial too. I give another try to the interzone mantra album... searching for some goods melody or song and I don't know why but 3 years after I really like the album, except maybe the two slow songs... requiem and the other that I not remind the titles... Anyway what I can say now is that's a great album, good songs... and the drum sound is not as bad that it's seem to be 3 years before... you have the impression that the drummer is in your room play just beside you and it's impressive ! What I like the most it's probably the keyboard sound and the inclusion of some ochestra players. I'm a mellotron lovers, I always like this keyboard sound and I don't know if it's real mellotron or just sampling but it's sound really good. The Mantra song is one of the most effective song of the album, big influence from India music, remind me kashmir song from Led Zeppelin, the best from the album in my opinion.

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