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FORMED: 1961, Detroit, MI

HITSVILLE 1964, Detroit Michigan. In a small house on West
Grand Boulevard 2648, called Hitsville, a group of young
black Americans were making music. Some of these young
artists had already made it big. Little Stevie Wonder was
only thirteen years old when "Fingertips" was a hit, The
Miracles made it to the second spot in Billboard's Hot 100
with "Shop Around", while the Marvelettes hit number one
with "Please Mr. Postman". Hitsville's leading lady Mary
Wells had reached the top 10 for four times already. More...

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Review about The Supremes songs
    ------ About the song Mr. Blues performed by The Supremes


Absolutely heartbreaking | Reviewer: Damein
    ------ About the song Love Is Here And Now You're Gone performed by The Supremes

'Love is here anyhow you're gone' is a masterpiece that deliriously demonstrates the lovelorn ache input hearts when the one we love leaves us alone with all the love we have to share. Miss Ross's sugar coated vocals are surprisingly dramatic shifting between the sung and spoken pleadings to 'look at my face'. Miss Wilson's and Miss Ballard's harmonies are forcefully sweet and sour at the same time while expressing the need to 'look at what you have done' while begging the focus of all our love to take responsibility for hopelessness we are suffering. The music is classic Funk Brothers with a mid-tempo beat tinkled (like our tears) with the high end of the piano then swept away with strings that put Miss Ross's dusted hiccups between words (the entire Jackson clan should pay royalties for her vocalized trademark). Without doubt, my favorite track by The Supremes.

Mo Town Lives! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Baby Love performed by The Supremes

I live in a retirement resort and grew up with the Supremes and all of Mo Town I taught the importance of the music and the beginning of the musicians during the sixties and how everyone with talent will not only get a chance to display their talents, but live on forever in their awesome music. I also am performing as a Supreme this March/2011!

I should've listened to this earlier. | Reviewer: Jacqui
    ------ About the song The Happening performed by The Supremes

Sometimes there's a song that just seems to fit so perfectly to something that's going on in your life. This is one of those.
If I would have listened to this earlier and captured the full meaning, I think I would have been protected from... well, yeah, "the happening".

I LOVE!!!!! | Reviewer: Phyllis=]
    ------ About the song I'm Gonna Make You Love Me performed by The Supremes

i may only be 17, but i love this song. i grew up on this kind on music and i wont ever forget who i got it from=] It started with the Temptations, and moved on. I'm a big music fan, and i Love Diana Ross and the Supremes. I would have given anything to meet the Best singers in the world!

wow | Reviewer: sumpremelover2000
    ------ About the song You Can't Hurry Love performed by The Supremes

omg i love the supremes and im not the kind of person who would but as soon as i heard their music and their vioces i fell in love not to mention their fabulous dresses. this song has to be one of my favourites ny them!

Their version was dull compared to the Vandellas! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave performed by The Supremes

I heard their version from '67 and the song was NOT fit for either Diana nor Mary or Flo. That will always be LINKED to Martha and the Vandellas. The Supremes' version sucked all thin air. Linda Ronstadt was the only person to match Martha's but it's Martha's original and that it should stand. They also did a version of "Come Get These Memories" (which Mary sung lead on) and the Supremes' version was dull too.

Supremes vs Vandellas | Reviewer: scot
    ------ About the song (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave performed by The Supremes

The version that's presented here is the Vandellas version. Although the Supremes did a version, the single is by Martha and the Vandellas and I reckon the credit should go to the Vandellas.

Also as matter of trivia, the lyric that listed as being the Martha and the Vandellas version lyric on other lyric sites is most certainly wrong! The third verse is missing. I just checked against the original Motown single. This one's the closest.

I hate this song as the greatest song of the 1960s.

love | Reviewer: angel smith
    ------ About the song You Can't Hurry Love performed by The Supremes

i love this i mean dreamgirls was based on the greatest singin group in all times all the girl groups look up to MS. DIANA ROSS for there inspiration with out her you wouldnt have music and im only 16 to learn about my oldies thats basically all i listen to i mean i want sole and heartache and you dont hear that anymore and im glad that diana ross and the supremes came out so i can listen to the good music all the time .

The Supremes Did Sing Heatwave | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave performed by The Supremes

I am just correcting the reviewer who says that the Supremes did not sing "Heatwave", I am sorry to correct you but they did indeed sing this song, Diana sang lead with Flo and Mary on the back, it is from the album "The Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland", I know the Vandellas sang it too, but check out the Supremes album I just mentioned if you don't believe me!

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