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Mae The Sun And The Moon Lyrics

Last updated: 08/13/2010 11:00:00 AM

Wasted time.
I can not say that I was ready for this.
But, when worlds collide,
And all that I have is all that I want.
The words seem to flow
And the thoughts they keep running.
And all that I have is yours.
All that I am is yours.

Painted skies.
I've seen so many that cannot compare,
To your ocean eyes.
The pictures you took
That cover your room,
And it was just like the sun
But more like the moon.
A light that can reach it all.
So now I'm branded for taking the fall.
So when you say forever,
Can't you see you've already captured me.

Thanks to Alex - for submitting The Sun And The Moon Lyrics.

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Extraordinary | Reviewer: Anjell | 8/3/10

This band, as well as this music, are something you don't find often in music anymore. The emotional level is higher than any music I've ever heard. They put actual thought and feeling into their songs, which is the most important thing.

heartwarming | Reviewer: royaltruorange | 11/14/08

you have to give it to mae to articulate beauty just with strings of words and melody. i love this song. everytime i listen to this i get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
well, i have to say, this song has already captured me :]

beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

This song is so amazing, I can't even put it in words. The piano is mesmerizing, and the lyrics are beautiful as well.

I love this | Reviewer: Kaytlan | 6/3/07

So me and my sister Ashley have this thing since we dont live together that she is the sun and i am the moon...and this song is like wow! i really love it....You guys are the best at songs