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General Surgery The Succulent Aftermath Of A Subdural Haemorrhage Lyrics

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A lustful necrophiliac, your carcass I explore
Your suppurating remains, I happily deplore
Lymphatic, runny fluid, is a sight I can't resist
Ichorous, reeking juices, I extract from numerous cysts
Skull a spongy mass, your profile inconsistent
Ears reduced to taps, a flood of red liquescence
Brain reduced tosludge, sanguinary feast
Coagulating waste, I gorge myself on pus
Lacerated organs, make me shiver to the bone
Whipped into a frenzy, I fillet, suck and groan
Memorize then masturbate, bloody, Soaked and ravaged
I scoop you into bags, a reeking pile of garbage...

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