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30 Seconds to Mars The Story Lyrics

Last updated: 08/15/2011 11:00:00 AM

I've been thinking of everything
I used to want to be
I've been thinking of everything
Of me, of you and me

This is the story of my life
(These are the lies I have created)
This is the story of my life
(These are the lies I have created)

I'm in the middle of nothing
And it's where I want to be
I'm at the bottom of everything
And I finally start to believe

This is the story of my life
(These are the lies I have created)
This is the story of my life
(These are the lies I have created)
(I've created...)

And I swear to god
I'll find myself
In the end

And I swear to god
I'll find myself
In the end

And I swear to god
I'll find myself
In the end
In the end

And I swear to god
I'll find myself
In the end

In the end [x4]

This is the story of my life
These are the lies I have created
This is the story of my life
These are the lies I have created
(I've created)
This is the story of my life
These are the lies I have created....

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your all wrong as !! heres my proof u all gonna love it !! | Reviewer: Brett Sparling | 8/15/11

hi,i have been studying what Jared sings about for about 11 yrs now and lately i have found evidence everywhere across the world backing up the secret 30 STM is letting you all know about subliminally in their meaningful unconditional love filled lyrics of spirituality ...the course we all need to endure to end the evil governments N.W.O(New World Order) and their pretentious ruling which in turn has made human be somewhat what they desire ...we are their project , their energy to bring this earth to the end before it can show us truly what we are capable of ....things beyond your wildest dreams that could truly only be done by getting our words of en-lightment out there to you all and what better ways then thru music which we are allowed to be apart of ....if you understand his music correctly his energy can help all who listen in the battle of bring the conspiring government and its monarchy which has been winning earth over and its natural inhabitants (which have been undesirably altered due to negative energy charge within this life which has been the norm for millions of years prior)....see where i'm getting with this ...listen carefully and stray your mind off the subject of genocide and harm on others for once and feel the duality we live ,turn into oneness .... breathe it feel it, live it and grow prosperously for longer then you ever imagined is happening more then ever before NOW and the more minutes go past the more chance i dont have at getting this message across along with keeping you all in an understanding that 30 STM are believers in what im talking about ....this song says says enough in its lyrics to point you in the direction im hoping and not sit there and and tell me im wrong without researching and feeling it yourself ...those chills you get are your spirits vibrating faster and letting you know you are on are feeling the energy consume your spirit and its making your heart feel love as it should instead of the fear its been driven to accept for i guess an eternity til now !!

Believe in this and you will see his secret magik messages ...DONT BE BLIND ! ..

How? wonder i bet or are you smart enough as i know you all are to begin from here to totally understand Leno and his beloved band the way he wants you all too my opinion and its only my opinion: how can all those imposed threat another soul on a topic page of 30 seconds to mars i was scanning page for page hoping and assuming that surely someone would agree with me on his music but i was totally wrong .oh the shame !...thats heartless and what's worse is leno hates it !! if you think this is the attitude towards the lyrics of 30 seconds to mars then your dead wrong .
the answer i am supplying you all here today is really hard to understand at first if you are caught up in what others think and being sheep like the comments on emo bitches and how hot Jared is etc resides in all of us and this goes without hesitation .Wake up and stop quarreling ...this is not new to any of you in music ...he is not alone in getting his messages clear your third eye and feel the current uplift that all the evil in this worlds energy has created mother earth a physical being made up of the same matter as you and i are ... i am not religious in any way although the bibles real transcriptions not the revelations that are contained these days do inspire my ways of thinking thru its old testimonials which again unfortunately have controlled meaning thru our monarchy system and global Government conquests into hierarchy imprisonment systems among us and set free into a bigger cage then we had losing 90% of our world population in retrospect to the ending of all humanity as we know it and earth also soon after this takeover ....

however ... the government does not know that what we have learned of this and their faulty failing system is not stronger then the spirit that lies in all of us ...the outta dimensional support we are not entailed to be with as one within our selves .... see where im goin ? well thats my words and here's someone else's (1 of many 100 thousands whos words are in similarity to bringing the NWO to an end and obeying the oneness factor and unconditional love ...dont steal dont fight ...dont wrongfully accuse and dont submit yourself to evil ...yes similar to the religious views i know but like i said ..even religion is within prophecy to go down with the Vatican and the governments new world order along with costs, debt and any evil system including th e Illuminati... Throw away television and brainwashing and awaken .Bring heaven to earth and your spirit to the universe and experience life as it was always meant to be and was so very very long ago ... where we can use our minds to construct our life journeys and have peace with all fellow peace will soon be ours ... cause the world mother earth has had enough and has used all her lasts breaths to bounce back up from the bottom darkness ...lift herself up and stand up for herself and anyone who is willing to support her will be given a chance to hook in and assist her and change evolution to a life we once endured in ancient times before this evilness on earth which resembles hell in many ways ...

still don't believe me? then read on please....
Prophecies from 1999 foretold, with uncanny accuracy, what is happening right now. The New World Order is on its last legs, making desperate "endgame" maneuvers. The really fun part is the prophecies that haven't come true yet!
(Jared speaks of endgame and defeat in his songs)

The Great Awakening: 2012, Ascension and NWO Defeat


Climate change, economic upheaval and governments run amok. Are we staring into the face of our own extinction? Do we need to "Rise Up and Fight" in order to 'save' ourselves?

Or, is this all part of a mass, collective awakening for humanity?

I've reached millions of people through radio shows, conferences, audio blogs, books and articles. I make a comprehensive case -- rooted in scientific fact -- that we are experiencing a mass evolution; transforming our ethics, compassion, wisdom and overall intelligence -- our consciousness -- to a much higher level.

Religious prophecies from practically every culture on Earth described the times we're in now -- the weather changes, chaotic social conditions, wars and unrest -- and say it directly paves the way for a Golden Age.

If you think all the wildness of our modern time is building up to a punchline of doom and disaster, then you've missed the point. What we are currently experiencing is only a transitional stage, and I believe we're already seeing the worst of it.

Hold it right there ....before you continue ....
Jared sings of new revelations and evolution .....


I have constructed an elaborate scientific model that describes how this evolution is happening, and why.

I have also generated thousands of pages of intuitive data that give us the Big Picture of what this is all about -- and have also turned out to be prophetic in very specific and striking ways.

I will be sharing a wealth of 'new' revelations from that prophetic data in this article -- Part I of a series I will hopefully be able to release over the next 2-3 days. The subsequent parts will back up this data with some utterly groundbreaking new research that will answer many questions I have been getting privately.

By the time you've finished reading this article series, you may be far more convinced that the negative forces you see on this planet are crumbling to dust right before your eyes. This is an inevitable consequence of the awakening we're all going through.

The prophecies were given to help show you what's going on -- in this very moment of time we now find ourselves in.


When we combine the most credible sources of intuitive data with the stunning new discoveries in consciousness science, we can safely conclude that there is a purpose to the Universe, and we are not a random accident.

Life is abundant, and it emanates from a "consciousness field" that creates matter, energy and Mind as we now know it. Everything -- even physical matter we would not normally think of as alive -- emanates from this living energy field. Life is built to evolve, and in fact it is inevitable that it will continue to do so.

Evolution does not stop until we have all completely reunited with our true identity. The Universe is ultimately a compassionate, sentient, loving, singular consciousness -- the One Infinite Creator -- and we will all return home.

In fact, since space, time and physical reality as we know it is ultimately a grand illusion, we have already returned. We never left in the first place. All we need to do is awaken to what IS, and we're there.

Nonetheless, within the illusion of space and time, our evolution will continue. If we reach a true awakening, we can step out of time and return home. And even if we stay in the illusion of space and time, we will continue evolving. The next major 'quantum leap' forward in space and time is happening as we speak.

Once complete, this 'quantum leap' will make 'miracles' seem commonplace. Telepathy, levitation, telekinesis, psychic power and prophecy will be standard abilities that everyone possesses... effortlessly.


We will have technology that can interface directly with our minds to amplify these 'miracle' abilities to an even greater degree -- such as to levitate giant blocks of stone and build sacred structures with them.

Limitless free energy. Non-polluting, unending and completely clean. No more power lines. No more blood for oil. No more coal. No more nuclear. Never pay again. Obliterating the need for a money system. Greening the deserts. Ending poverty, famine and homelessness.

Gravity-shielding technology. No need for roads. No need to ever buy a new 'car' again. Go wherever you want. Never fill the tank. Cities that hover in the sky. Pop over to the Moon or Mars to visit friends and family. Build majestic structures considered impossible by today's standards.

Healing devices. Nullify cancer. Cure diabetes. Eliminate heart disease. Conquer depression. Regrow limbs. Effortlessly restore perfect health regardless of the condition. Feel 100-percent alive, 100-percent inspired, all the time. Live for hundreds of years.

Stargate travel. Use naturally-occurring traversible wormholes to travel impossibly vast distances. Move through time as effortlessly as you move through space. Go wherever you want, whenever you want, using natural physics laws not yet discovered in mainstream science.

Cynics may laugh and call this 'fantasy,' but the simple fact is that all of these technologies already exist.

Right now. Here on Earth.

I have spoken directly with whistle-blowers who are not only aware of these technologies, but they have used them -- as a part of their day-to-day work.

still dont believe me ? Jared also speaks of lies and deception and how hes not prepared to go down and would rather fight (throughout his albums)....
hes talking about the control and demise of the Government hierarchy NWO ...... read this and see :)


These breakthroughs have been held back in classified projects by the very same group that is now crumbling apart. Most people call them the "New World Order" because that is what they hope to create -- a world dictatorship under their control.

This group is very cynical about humanity. They feel we would all turn into couch potatoes and 'welfare queens' if they were to give us these technologies.

Some of the witnesses I have spoken to still believe we might all just 'drop out', watch TV and stay home all day if we suddenly gained widespread access to all these new toys, and money thereby became obsolete.

By holding these breakthroughs back from us and keeping them secret, they feel special; they feel elite; they feel privileged; and they feel they are much better than the rest of us.

They are addicted to power and control, have a very sarcastic attitude, and wish to rule over us as if we are their servants. This degree of control requires a money system to function -- so scarcity, hardship and pain can be deliberately engineered.

They feel we will only evolve by being thrown into chaos, and then struggling through it to rebuild ourselves into a higher level of Order.

If they were to release these technologies, they feel that chaos would be eliminated -- and therefore they would have sentenced us to a form of spiritual death through stagnation.

By historically invading and conquering primitive cultures -- creating chaos -- they feel they interrupted a stasis that otherwise would have gone on indefinitely. And they still think of us as savages even though the whole planet has become far more civilized since the age of the seafaring European conquerors.

The logic of Order Out of Chaos (Ordo Ab Chao) quickly falls apart under skeptical analysis. We are certainly capable of evolving and growing without the need of being systematically invaded, tortured and terrorized, only to then rebuild into a higher level of Order.

We all go through that stage, individually and collectively, until we no longer need it anymore. A baby learns to walk by falling down, getting hurt -- sometimes badly -- and getting back up again. This is all part of the Universe's plan. Growing up does hurt, but the pain is a necessary part of learning to stand on your own two feet.

We go through similar growth processes in our mental, emotional and spiritual evolution long past the time we have reached adulthood. In fact, very few people in present-day Earth ever master the curriculum, or even become aware of what the curriculum is.


On an individual level we are learning to love and respect others, while also learning to love and respect ourselves. Developing and maintaining healthy boundaries, while still loving the people who accuse us of 'ego' for standing up for ourselves.

It is learning to confidently and politely say 'no' when someone wants to manipulate and control you, while simultaneously avoiding sarcasm, anger and victim consciousness in favor of peace and acceptance. You're not judging them as a person; you simply do not agree with their actions in this situation.

It is learning to be so at peace with yourself that you can withdraw from someone who wishes to abuse you -- if they do not respond to your polite request that they change their behavior.

You can be so at peace within yourself that you walk away from abusive people who refuse to change, and you choose to be alone -- for a time -- without feeling alone.

You do not need to consciously or subconsciously manifest drama, chaos and misery in order to give yourself a struggle, something to fight against -- to keep you from feeling bored and 'dead inside'.


All the best spiritual teachers say we have a very backwards society in many ways. Our favorite songs and movies often enshrine codependent, clingy, needy behavior as if it were a sacred process of self-sacrifice.

We all have the "subconscious Judeo-Christian bias" that tells us if we're on a spiritual path, we should martyr ourselves. Offer up our lives to our enemies without opposing them. Lie down in front of the tank or bulldozer even if we know it isn't going to stop.

Eventually, after enough cycles of torture, we tire of this -- and we go from the 'victim' who pleads for the love and acceptance of the abuser to the angry, negative and 'tough' person who doesn't take any crap from anyone.

The majority of women in the Western world have taken on this role, to varying degrees, after untold generations of sexism and very real oppression.

Enraged by the 'double standard,' they demand compliance, but then quickly lose all interest in the feminine, sensitive men who would worship them enough to give it to them.

Many men do the same thing with women -- it goes both ways. Aggressive meets passive, and either they both grow and evolve, or their paths separate... often after a prolonged, bitter struggle, which may continue right up until the death of one of the participants.

On the 'aggressive' side, we become so suspicious and distrustful that we live in constant sarcasm. Trusting no one. Building an ever-tougher wall around our heart to protect our soft inner core that is still hurting so deeply inside. All the defensiveness is just a surface veneer that hides how wounded and tired we feel inside.


Of course, this 'aggressive' stage is not the end, but merely another level within the soul's journey. The culmination of the awakening process is, as I said, learning to be your own protector without losing the love and peace you feel inside.

You learn to be fulfilled within yourself -- without the constant need for validation from others.


In order to effectively fulfill their roles, the 'negative elite' have to really believe in what they are doing. And they certainly do. They enjoy the money, power and control, and enjoy feeling that they are smarter, better and more evolved than everyone else.

If they were to release these miracle technologies I spoke of, they would become Ordinary Guys... Part of the Team... Average Joes like the rest of us. Everyone would live like a millionaire, and it wouldn't hurt the Earth -- or anywhere else we decided to go.

The Powers That Be don't like that. They are fighting like mad to Remain Special.

Thankfully, they are losing the fight. Effectively, they've already lost. But they're working very, very hard to convince you that everything is proceeding as planned, and they are still a fearsome, menacing and powerful threat.

They have also done a miraculous job of convincing people that the very group bringing them down is the enemy, and must be stopped at all costs.

As I've already been documenting in the previous two updates to David's Blog, they are now openly and blatantly trying to create a public uprising to overthrow the elected American government, and broadcasting their plans right on television... in plain sight.

it goes on and on not gonna paste it all but like i said ....this is one of many other hundres of thousands of believers who are all slowly making you all believe and see it this way ...some have been selected with numbers like 11 making me change my thoughts and showing me im on track in life .... be on track with me and lets win ....

To the hater of 7/24/09.... | Reviewer: Nocturne of Eclipse | 11/1/10

Your "review" is fail.

First off, your "1" and "2" are essentially the same point, so there is no need to make them separate. Second, while your flame may have been effective at first, you random lack of capitalization when it comes to the names of the other bands you mention and the word "I", along with its other variations. You also spelled "disappoint" wrong. Kudos.

Now I move onto your attacking of the so-called "Emo bitches and Jared obsessing randomds" (just for note, as 'Jared' is used as part of the verb 'obsessing', it should be 'Jared-obsessing'). Did you ever stop to ponder why Jared gets the most recognition? He's an actor, the frontman of the band, and the only one who seems to talk during concerts (of course, it could just be that Tomo and Shannon hated my town and didn't want to disgrace themselves by speaking to us, but I doubt this is the case). Also, in case you haven't noticed, 30StM tends to dress in stereotypical "emo" and "gothic" fashions- it's natural for the stereotypes to gather to them. Telling them to stop is telling a good portion of the 30StM fanbase to stop giving support and, very importantly, funds to the great band you fanboy over as idiodically as you're calling others out on.

Onto an actual review of the song, 'The Story' is a wonderful tale of regret and resolve that is identifiable by the majority of those who listen to it. If you haven't heard it yet, definitely check it out.

The Band and The Lyrics | Reviewer: darkwingedangel | 2/11/10

I really love this band since I grew tired of love songs. no matter what kind of genres are they,,,whether it's pop, rock, most of them write only about love. 30 STM has more than it! at From Yesterday, it was all about dictatorship. The Kill is about finding yourselves. A Beautiful Lie had a great message about nature and how we've been fooled by live. and many others!!!

really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/09

this song is basically the story of my life...I agree with what Mikki unknown said and I am as well offended by the 'Fuck off Emo bitches and Jared obsessing randoms. You ruin their music and you clealy do not appreciate what their music is, you are too concerned about how they look'...there are alot of people who dont obsess over jared...ok and what is important is the music...not who likes the band or what they look like...but the songs and albums themselves and the feelings and passion behind me nothing else matters

come on! | Reviewer: Mikki Unknown | 10/29/09

i agree with everyone whos saying its about the music! all 30 stm songs have awesome lyrics a good rythm and a great tune to it, theres songs rule, but could the lay off the ppl commenting on jared or whoever, it doesn't effect u and those people are within their rights to think say aand review/comment about the band members themselves but one comment i did find insulting was the one which said "Fuck off Emo bitches and Jared obsessing randoms. You ruin their music" well im emo! i do not obsess about jared or any off the band members! i love the music and the meaning/efect in the lyrics! i love music overall i over appreciate it and i love bands for creating something to help me when i feel down or music that helps calm me when i pissed! s odont just catagorise 'emo' girls as those jared obssesing fans! infact i know plenty of chavs that obsses over jared so y dont u stop catagorising ppl!

Your a faggot for reading this!!!! | Reviewer: Im a faggot for writing what im writing | 7/24/09

I have a few things to say not really related to song. 1) Fuck off Emo bitches and Jared obsessing randoms. You ruin their music and you clealy do not appreciate what their music is, you are too concerned about how they look. Music is for the hears and soul, not for your cliche filled eyes. Fuck off to your talentless fall out boy, my chemical romance and Jonas Brothers. 2) Stop focusing directly on Jared Leto. The band is a group effort, 30stm would NOT be anything without Shannon & Tomo (& others) contributing and im pretty damn sure your god Jared Leto would agree with me. 30stm is a great band with lots of creativity and theres too many sluts bringing down the image of 30stm, even though image isn't the important part of music as i said.
This is a great song! from a brilliant band that is refreshing my mind everytime i listen to a new album from them. Can't wait til the new album comes out. Hopefully they won't disapoint.

Good band cool song... | Reviewer: Karina | 9/18/08

I like 30STM coz of their muzic..the vocal is good looking tht is fine..but their muzic has a certain quality tht touches me..This song has a good tune good composition..tht is the resn y I love this song..nd this band..not coz it's vocal is good looking..ppl shld c looks,but more thn tht must look at da talent..

just my point of view, none of arguing intention | Reviewer: differ | 3/27/08

i've been reading reviews bout people loves&hates 4 sometimes now but this one caught my attention. ok, i disagreed with people who said girls like 30STM cuz jared is hot r losers, i mean, a loser is a bit too much. i didnt like tht 2 when people obsessing bout someone cuz theyre hot n everything, but we're all humans with feelings. yes we supposed to see the ART in their music n its all bout the music, i think the girls do but i guess the girls see something more of the band[preferably the lead singer ehem] and we could always appreciate the beautiful God's creation rite? and i think all any other songs, well most of it has its own meaning even the chessiest music. so, yeah, thts what i think. this songs is good tho. but too much of the 'lies and lie' in their lyrics[refering to other songs] but thts wht works for them. heh. :D

a strong feeling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

i think we are not looking at the artists, we are looking their performs, their songs,and saying it in 1 word... we must see the "ART". Very good job from 30STM, great composition, if you are inspired you can create magic, we all have suferings and problems in aur lifes, and that is what inspires us.
The story is a song that makes us reflex how instense,spontaneous and complicated the life is.

a good job | Reviewer: Emanuel | 10/27/07

i think we are not looking at the artists,we can see if they are hot or uggly, but the most important thing you must see is their music, we are looking at their performs, their songs,and saying it in 1 word... we must see the "ART".If a girl is a fan of 30STm because "jared is hot" she is a looser ^^. Very good job from 30STM, great composition, if you are inspired you can create magic, we all have suferings and problems in aur lifes, and that is what inspires us. i love this band, they have a lot of "creative", a lot of passion.. and they know how to transmutate passion into a song.
"The story is a song that makes us reflex how intense,spontaneous and complicated the life is."
Emanuel from Argentina