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Neil Diamond The Story Of My Life Lyrics

Last updated: 05/15/2013 12:54:07 PM

Words and music by Neil Diamond

The story of my life is very plain to read
It starts the day you came
And ends the day you leave
The story of my life begins and ends with you
The names are still the same
And the story's still the truth

I was alone.
You found me waiting and made me your own
I was afraid
That somehow I never could be a man that you wanted of me

You're the story of my life, and every word is true
Each chapter sings your name
Each page begins with you
It's the story of our times and never letting go
If I die today, I wanted you to know

Stay with me here
Share with me, care with me
Stay and be near
and when it began I'd lie awake every night
Just knowing somewhere deep inside
That our affair just might write

The story of my life it's very plain to read
It starts the day you came
It ends the day you leave

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My Marriage was my Life | Reviewer: Captain Bob | 5/15/13

I first made this song on a tape for our 38 anniversary; my wife was in the hospital them,
I find the tape after my wife passed away in December, almost to our 58th anniversary,
So it was destined to be the story of our life.

Bravo! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/13

I have been a fan of Neil Diamonds for a long while begging with The Jazz Singer movie. This song is timeless! ....and speaks for all of us with some sort of trauma in their life...and who doesn't?

Story of my life | Reviewer: Cindy Sempt | 9/1/12

As my husband was dying of cancer, he wanted me to know that this was our song of our lives together. He would play this track over and over as we drove to the hospital. This song means so much to me knowing that my husband defined our marriage to this. Thank you Neil Diamond for this. I will cherish this song always.

For A Dream | Reviewer: Loretta | 5/31/08

My lover at the time told me he received a music tape with his new car. Various recording artists were on it and this song was one of the recordings. Since neither of us had heard the song before, it just seemed perfect for our relationship. How bittersweet the song, as is the memory.

The Story of My Life | Reviewer: adam york | 1/9/08

My wife of 40 yrs passed away in the hospital early in the morning - I was blessed to be with her -later as I drove into my driveway, The Story of My Life was playing on the radio - it took me months to locate the singer. Glad I did, as I will always remember Marianne.

The Story of MY life | Reviewer: Patty | 7/6/04

I love this speaks of my marriage and its love