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Jersey The Story Of '53 Lyrics

Last updated: 09/03/2003 03:39:53 AM

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Do you know me? I was on TV in 1963 for armed robbery. Here's my story.

I didn't even keep the money. It's my time, my time was standing still
This deadbeat job's so stagnant. And I'm alive, still got my will
To commit crime, go down in time
And it's one last chance for glory and I've already done it in my mind

We were desperate for change, to live our own way
If nothing has changed, I've got this story
I still work 9 to 5, still doing my time
If nothing has changed, I've got this story

It went down on a Tuesday, of that morning, that morning it all came down
Ski masks, sawed off shotguns
There were people, they were hitting the ground,
And no casualties, just adrenaline, it's the perfect crime in twenty
And I, I was out, before you clued in


It's one last chance for glory, one last chance for me


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