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The Statler Brothers Biography

Last updated: 08/19/2013 09:23:29 AM

THE STATLERS have been known for many years as a group that listeners can rely on for good, classic, down-home country music. Their patented harmonies, good humor and keen lyrical sense have highlighted countless hit songs over the years, including "Bed of Rose's," "Pictures," "Do You Remember These," "Class of 57," "Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott," and seemingly countless others.

THE STATLERS PIONEERED the way for group performers in country music. When The Statlers started out, the prevailing wisdom was that groups simply could not make it in country music. The best professional advice was all negative. This was not what The Statlers' best instincts told them, however; so they did everything themselves -- headlining, production, promotion -- up by their own bootstraps -- and success followed success after success.

TODAY, HUNDREDS OF AWARDS, from all over the world, more than those of any other country music group, hang on the walls of the museum in their headquarters building, in their home town of Staunton, Virginia. Gold albums, platinum albums, double- and triple-platinum albums, Grammy Awards, Country Music Association Awards, Music City News Awards, Music City News Songwriters Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, International Country Music Awards, BMI Awards -- the list seems endless.

THEN THERE ARE their appearances: live concerts to packed auditoriums and theaters and to audiences in the thousands in other settings, dozens of TV shows, appearances at the White House, hosting and co-hosting TV specials, their number-one-rated TNN TV show of seven seasons; and their international following of highly appreciated loyal fans.

EVEN WITH ALL they have achieved, The Statlers continue to work hard professionally and to work hard for their audiences. It is very much as Harold always says, "You-all come back, 'cause we ain't even started yet!"