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Piebald The Stalker Lyrics

Last updated: 10/24/2002 03:43:44 AM

I'll be around every corner you go. Don't you look so surprised.
I'll be in every dressing room that you箁e in.
I'll be holding every door you walk through. You don't even have to say thanks.
I'll get groceries at the same time as you.
Don't think I don't know what suits you well. Don't think I don't know.
I'll be in every smoky corner you've seen counting your drinks.
I'll be the guy who drives past your house.
I'll be hiding behind your mirror watching you crimp your hair.
I'll follow you with sunglasses on.
I'll be looking through your windows at night.
Watching you sleep. I will see you at your big game.
I'll be at the same parties as you, and I'll meet you in the closet.
I'll follow you home when the sun comes up.