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Everything But The Girl The Spice Of Life Lyrics

Last updated: 07/31/2011 12:00:00 PM

something has come between me and the world that knew
what I thought would last is falling apart in the face of something new
how can I explain that I had no choice
the sound of the waves fills her ears and drowns out my voice
and I'm just too far away for her to believe what I say
she couldn't hear me, she wouldn't listen anyway

how can I write a letter the post is so slow
if I'm to disappoint her then that's something she ought to know
I can just hear her voice fall as I wait here alone
how can so much harm be done by just two minutes spent on the phone
you say that things will get better
but she would hate me if I let her
and she reads so much in every word that I say

I thought that being apart would just bring us some variety
but after some time it seems clear that she's changed in a different way from
and I would like to shout at someone but no one's to blame
it's just her it's just me and everything that is
just not the same
sometimes I would turn back the clock
and recapture all that we've lost
but I couldn't give up all that we have today
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