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Prussian Blue The Snow Fell Lyrics

Last updated: 03/27/2014 10:31:55 PM

He sat in a room in a square the color of blood.
He’d rule the whole world if there was a way that he could.
He’d sit and he’d stare at the minarets on top of the towers, for he was the Beast as he hatched his new plan to gain power.

And the snow fell, covering the Dreams and Ideals.
And the snow fell, freezing the Blood and the wheels.
And the snow fell, they had to keep warm for survival.
And the snow fell, and defeated the Beast’s only rivals.

They took the old roads that Napoleon had taken before.
They fought as the forces of Light against the Darkness in a Holy War.
One day they were looking out on the sun shining on the cornflowers.
The next day they were freezing to death in the snow and the ice cold showers.

Then came the deadly roads back in the steps of their retreat.
The cold racked their bodies, but worse was the pain of defeat.
Many people who had hailed them once now turned and walked away, for these people now knew that the Beast was on his way.

You finally came back to the borders of our Fatherland.
Now enemies came, traitors everywhere at hand.
Many people who had fought and died knowing that they had to win.
And still it sickens my heart to see a picture of the red flag in Berlin.

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They were forces of light. | Reviewer: The Truth. | 3/27/14

The only reason why Germany didn't win the war,and didn't defeat
Russia,was because the USA,gave war supplies,and support to Russia,
everyone forgets that both Germany and Russia invade Poland.
France and The UK,declared war on both countries,but some reason,they,
went into talks with Russia,but not Germany. It was Russia,that had cause,
lots of the problems the had face since the ending of WW2. So call Uncle Joe,
really want to turn all of Europe into commies,The UK,and France.
Let not forget Uncle Joe kill anywhere from 30-60 million,or more.
Maybe even over 100 million,and counting,just think of all the countries that became,
red after WW2. I am sure mre than a few if them Jewish,so why doesn't the Jew go after
Russia for money for payment to the Jews,that were murdered after WW2,by countries
that were under Russia? Because Russia would tell them,that's nice,so what,now what?
Thank you,so why is Germany,has still paid for what happen in WW2?
Lets not forget,that FDR,were not a fan of the Jews either.

Forces of light and dark? Oh please. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/11

The soviets were shit, the Nazis were shit.
They spent years butchering each other, and nothing of value was lost.
I'm thankful both were strong as they were, because if it was lopsided, they wouldn't have wiped each other out the way they did. Now they're all laughable relics, and good riddance.

The Russians weren't beasts? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/10

The Russians weren't beasts? Please! If anything, the Germans were at least a giant speed-bump in Stalin's quest for world domination. You may or may not agree with national socialism and its ideals regarding the white race but Stalin would have accomplished the SAME THING as Hitler--maybe not against Jews but against the white race in Europe. Oh. I forgot though. It's okay to hate white people because somehow we owe it to the rest of the world to lay down and take it. We will stand where others fall.

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/10

Its confusing because in the beginning it talks about 1 person ruling the world.. i think this sounds alot like Hitler... and it says "for he was the Beast as he hatched his new plan to gain power"
But then it makes it seem like the Russians were the Beasts...

What a shame | Reviewer: White Flour | 3/27/09

The sad fact is I have to agree, the sound like dying cats... This is a good song but they didn't write it, Screwdriver did. They obviously thought that a female version would be good but Saga beat them to it and did a much much better cover, so much better she had the decency to admit she didn't write it hahahaha

Enemy | Reviewer: Andy Pryce | 1/5/09

I like Prussian Blue and I love this song. I don't see Russia as the enemy, but communism. The white race is slowly being destroyed, along with its culture, and anything that speaks out against this can't be bad.

The girls were very young when they recorded their first album and they are getting better musically (as can be seen from their second album). They are taking a break at the moment, to do other things, but I hope they will soon be back and I wish them every success for the future.

Ha, ha. Suckers. | Reviewer: The Truth | 3/17/08

Who gives a fuck about racialism? These silly little girls sound like dying cats, and that's about the worst sense of rythym I've ever heard in a guitar player! If their parents really had any white pride, they'd have gotten these poor kids some music lessons before they ever put out a record.


i like it | Reviewer: ellie | 10/5/07

i love these girls, im not saying i agree with everything they say but yes communism was a beast so they got that bit right. lamb and lynx really interest me, everyones entitled with their own opinions. noone blinked an eye when kanye west wrote 'leave your ass for a white girl' like its wrong for black & white to mix so these girls can have their views if they want.

Crap | Reviewer: Hans | 10/1/07

>"This is great song about some historical events that happened"
Only it turns history upside down. My German ancestors were the "beasts" - not the russians. And whatever the nazis did, they have never been "fighting as the forces of light". Unless you think it "holy" to rid the earth of the residual jews, that is. If you ask me, those giries have been brain fucked.

For a better future | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/07

This was the only song that made me crying. One of my grand uncles died in Russia. A german band said "Nach 14 Worten leben eine Frage der Vernunft (Live for 14 words is a question of reason (or so)). I hoe their dreams become true…

racism is not just a white thing | Reviewer: just me | 7/2/07

I`ve read the remarks made about these girls by so called enlightened individuals , who show much more hatred and racism than anything in their songs ! while you may not agree with the words , to call these young women the foul things that I`ve read in many of the comments on their lyrics shows what hippocrites the some of you truly are ! you can hate whitey , call him cracker , and honkey , and make other derogatory remarks , but still consider yourself to not be racist ! to you I say , if you want to see racism and hipocrasy look into a mirror !

Well... | Reviewer: Kendall | 6/25/07

It's pretty, but I don't really know whether or not to like it.

reply to Great!' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/07

you need to get a goddamn grip
Face reality and just stop all the hate because once you go out in the world
NObody will except you

Great! | Reviewer: wp 14 | 4/8/07

This is great song about some historical events that happened. "And still it sickens my heart to see a picture of the red flag in Berlin."
I couldn't compose better myself.
Hope for better future for our white children.
14 words!