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Vanessa Amorosi The Simple Things Lyrics

Last updated: 12/13/2009 11:00:00 AM

Saw an old friend yesterday
Who's a big success
Got a bentley and a rolex
And a gucci dress
Got the guys all lined up waitin
For her to pull their string
And she told me all about
Her latest hot sweet thing

She's got everything a girl could ever want or need
All that money can afford
But there's still a voice inside that keeps crying out
For something more

Something emotional
Something that's beautiful
Something that stands the test of time
Why are the simple things so hard to find
Something emotional
Something that's wonderful
Something that lifts us high above
Here we are waiting to be saved by love

Just to wake up in the morning
To a familiar face
Conversation over coffee
To start my day
I pick up the phone
And dial to see if mum's around
Wouldn't mind just droppin by
For a visit now

I could travel round the world, write my name in the sky
Make my dreams come true
But it wouldn't mean a thing if i didn't know that i
Could come home to


And i long someday
To have children of my own
To share those precious moments
To know you're not alone
To be as good as my mother
Was to me in my younger years
The laughter, the fights, the tears
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