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Wale The Show Lyrics

Last updated: 01/02/2013 05:33:16 AM

All Im sayin is I aint playin with these bitch ass niggas no mo
Right now

(Verse: Rick Ross)
Dont say on the beat wutchu wan say in the street
I came here to eat every way to the bone
Never put mama on hold that whenever she call
I follow the law, shine bright, illuminating
Got niggas in black hoodies, Im inside celebratin
And the nation that is law, forgive me a flaw
The dollar signs is all I saw
I knew once I gotta be where them bitches will come aboard
I pray to the Lord as Im holdin on my sword
Real checks is all a nigga sees
So watch where you step and love what you rep
And realize that today is just another test
Say bye to the boss

(Hook: Aaron Wess)
Its crazy nigga
Its all for show
(Verse: Wale)
And Im feelin like the worlds on my neck
Every verse, every breath, your dollar worlds is adios
Minus the arrogance, man these goons is my decoys
Not even close to touching us, what the fuck is up?
Heroes turned to cluckers and sellers turned into customers
All my money comin and pour far as the women look
All my bunnies out of this world like Captain Batio
Head to the small of the back, probly just want a nigga stash
And tell me that it aint cuz of rap
The ones I never hear back, my type of ho like the Eros in tux
And Ive gone from junior to business cuz well as Marilyn dealt
(Hook: Aaron Wess)
Its crazy nigga
Its all for show
(Verse: Wale)
Upper echelon spittin what the fuck is up
Im hospitable, blowin all that medical
But everybody hangin with us rarely ever knew us
Forever rude hoes I dont ever need
However we can meet starting from you and me
Just talkin bout women I dont need or forever fiend for
You know your lady screamers when Im in her jeans as much
Fore I hit they were selling me white over 60
Racks for a wrap? Racks for a wrap
Now I see the same niggas charging for a dap

(Hook: Aaron Wess)
Its crazy nigga
Its all for show