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Face it, the band you've been waiting for all these years
is The Shins. Not convinced? Give me a moment to introduce
you the Miracle of the Great Southwest.

The vast deserts of New Mexico are anything but barren, at
least from a creative standpoint. Our story begins in
Albuquerque circa 1992. The Grunge Invasion has swept out
of the Northwest and into the ears of every kid with a pawn
shop guitar. It affects everyone differently.

For The Shins, there comes to pass a monumental
distillation of post-punk garage rock, the indie sounds More...

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Review about The Shins songs
music vs. lyrics | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song New Slang performed by The Shins

I see lots of comments debating the meaning of the lyrics. Yes, sometimes the lyrics matter. But sometimes a song is just so good, it doesn't matter what the lyrics are. This song is that good. It gets down inside me. The melody alone is addicting.

Interpretation | Reviewer: Jesse
    ------ About the song Sleeping Lessons performed by The Shins

Go without [sleep] (hence the name sleeping lessons)unless you need to, and spend your time in the present "glowing" and "flowing" out of yourself aka be yourself for all it is and show it

"They've got nothing on you which you depend" -you don't have to answer to everyone, do what you want, because no one can tell you that you can't

"Jump from a book" -Be a character from a book (hero,imagination,anything you can think/dream of), don't do anything you don't want to/be in control of your input/make it pleasant, no one has the right to tell you that you can't live your life to the fullest

"Just put yourself in my new hooves, and see that I do what I do" sort of justifies the above interpretation. The use of the word hooves (instead of feet/shoes/conventional human words to describe the phrase) goes along with "jumping from a book" idea of thinking outside of limitations. "See that I do what I do" goes along with doing what you want without anyone telling you so, and how it's an exclamation aka something meaningful

This is a "One in a Million" song! | Reviewer: Karl I.
    ------ About the song Phantom Limb performed by The Shins

Being a 60 year old man in Dallas, I probably don't fit within the normal demographics The Shins music mainly aiming for.

Something about this song just grabs me! It's hard to explain. I first time I listened to the version with the stage play visuals, I was captivated!

I then found the version with printed lyrics & listened to it as I followed along, but I was unable to match up the lyrics to the stage-play. But this in no way is a negative, as I love the sound no matter what is actually being said. I will have to come up with my own unique meaning behind their mystical lyrics.

Of all the versions I found on YouTube I think the stage-play version is my favorite.

"Phantom Limb" is a unique and special song!

AYOOO an epiphany | Reviewer: Chillum
    ------ About the song Red Rabbits performed by The Shins

So I was reading the lyrics trying to figga,,,,,
Then I read some comments and while most translations are a little far-fetched but Camille's from four years ago is actually spot-on...
She doesn't elaborate much but if you read the lyrics from a political standpoint it seems the writer is giving a voice to abortfed babies & standing up for their rights.
I'm VERY pro-choice but try reading it from that perspective. It fits!

another great song | Reviewer: average joe
    ------ About the song No Way Down performed by The Shins

As usual, Mercer jumps into a subject and gives it a ride, rhythmically and with razor sharp lyrics. The many problems of the haves and have-nots is rarely explored as well, or done with such a booty-shaking beat. Where have these guys been all my life? How can I get them to the Bay Area in 2014?

the great divide | Reviewer: banjo
    ------ About the song Pink Bullets performed by The Shins

This is a recurrng and deep theme in Shins songs. The ineffable divide between yin and yang, mars and venus, origination, perspective, interaction, separation. Like to know the gal that inspired this one.

I love this song to death. | Reviewer: Andrea S.
    ------ About the song Gone For Good performed by The Shins

Like many Shins songs, the whole song is, start to finish, written with exquisitely keen, poetic lyrics, and a catchy melody that, even if unaccompanied by instruments, can fully express the tune. It really is a testament to artistry in the fullest sense of the word.

If one could find this song in a karaoke bar, I'm sure almost anyone would enjoy it.

I never tire this song. It has an unusual mixture of loneliness and determination that few lyricists can pull off without sounding confused or convoluted. It's western charm is undeniable as well.

This is definitely one of my favorite songs of theirs.

The Shins are not unique... | Reviewer: M.Cooley
    ------ About the song Saint Simon performed by The Shins

"I wouldn't say they're unique, they just take aspects from other bands and incorporate them together"....this has to be one of the most sadly ignorant and intellectually lazy comments I have read in a few years, about ANY subject quite frankly. ALL bands and songwriters must learn their craft by playing songs of others, thus cultivating elements of their favorite influences or songs. However, I defy you to show me an artist or band recording these days (with more than a single song or album) that are as unique in sound and lyrical complexity in the past 20 years as Mercer and The Shins. The only one that comes to mind is Beck Hansen. This musical era is sadly bereft of intelligence, creativity, and craftsmanship, and you have foolishly lumped one of the few acts that AREN'T into that category. Perhaps they should record their next album using kitchen utensils, Yoko wails, and long-tailed cats in a studio of rocking chairs so that the chronically obtuse can appreciate it for it's originality.

the tune is catchy | Reviewer: Jimmy D
    ------ About the song Phantom Limb performed by The Shins

Foolish to look for deep meaning in this song's lyrics. They are just words written by a person(s) not much different than you or me and they are not profound insights into the human condition just because they are cryptic. More likely they just aren't written very well. But the ditty is a good one, so the lyrics don't have to have any special meaning, which is good in this case, because they don't.

idea? | Reviewer: E
    ------ About the song Sleeping Lessons performed by The Shins

I think this song is about breaking free from the ties of addiction. He talks about being low...melting..every ounce of bright blood...swallowing what you despise. I believe hes telling this
Girl that she doesnt have to live like that anymore, that her addiction doesnt have to have such controll over her and define who she is. That she can break free, learn to live again and be herself. This idea probally makes more sense if you have an addicts perspective. This is just how i percieve it.

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