The Shins Albums

  • Port Of Morrow Album (3/20/2012)
    The Rifle's Spiral
    Simple Song
    It's Only Life
    No Way Down
    Bait And Switch
    Fall Of '82
    For A Fool
    40 Mark Strasse
    Port Of Morrow
    Bonus Tracks
    Pariah King
    The Waltz Is Over

  • Wincing The Night Away Album (1/23/2007)
    Sleeping Lessons
    Pam Berry
    Phantom Limb
    Sea Legs
    Red Rabbits
    Turn On Me
    Black Wave
    Spilt Needles
    Girl Sailor
    A Comet Appears

  • Chutes Too Narrow Album (10/21/2003)
    Kissing The Lipless
    Mine's Not A High Horse
    So Says I
    Young Pilgrims
    Saint Simon
    Fighting In A Sack
    Pink Bullets
    Turn A Square
    Gone For Good
    Those To Come

  • Oh, Inverted World Album (6/19/2001)
    Caring Is Creepy
    One By One All Day
    Weird Divide
    Know Your Onion!
    Girl Inform Me
    New Slang
    The Celibate Life
    Girl On The Wing
    Your Algebra
    Pressed In A Book
    The Past And Pending

  • Nature Bears A Vaccuum Album (3/1/1999)

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    Shintastic! | Reviewer: Tim
        ------ About the album Oh, Inverted World performed by The Shins

    I first heard of the shins back in '02 when "New Slang" appeared on the soundtrack for Scrubs. It wasn't really my favorite song on the album, but when a few years later I found a copy of "Oh Inverted World" I decided to pick it up. Long and short of it, this album rocks. I love the music and what they're writing about. The only track which I don't like is "Your Algerbra"... mainly cause that song comes in and messes with my listening experience cause it's so different from the rest of the album.

    I'd give it 2 thumbs up

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