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Sweet Baboo The Sea Life Is the Life for Me (Mermaid Cutie) Lyrics

Last updated: 04/29/2013 06:52:15 AM

The forest’s eyes remained of utter
A wild life was pressed into the walls
The flow was caved into rotten shapes
And I couldn’t, I couldn’t take much more.

Cause you see, this was the life for me
Since the age of about 13
Walks and squeeks and the evil breeze
But finally, I finally got to meet and I had to leave.

And I walked for miles, gathering speed and great inspire
And I told my friends I was gonna end,
Dice me with some death so they sold me to a funeral
I gave ‘em all my skills and I wait absent of my second lullaby.

And yes, I’d say I was happy there
But I knew it was time for me to go
So in the warmth I’ve swam and danced it off
My old tipsy diving ball costume.
Cause you see all of the sea
Yeah, the sea of life is the life of me
I hope one day I’ll find me a mermaid beauty, a mermaid cutie
Of the coast of England sea so I can take her, I can take her back home.

Swim for miles, gathering schools of face beside me
I told my skinny friends next time they’ll see me I’ll be wet
Hopefully I’ll be dead, it’s better than dacing me with death
Where a mouthful full of small
A cold, a cold, a cold out home.

Her name was Hall, her name was Hall
And she could write it to my bone.
And yeah, we’re wet, we’re wet
And she grew swets under the seemy pet
And she talked to how’s bed how she was the best
And we chose my new home.