The Script Albums

  • No Sound Without Silence Album (9/30/2014)
    No Good in Goodbye
    Man on a Wire
    It's Not Right for You
    The Energy Never Dies
    Army of Angels
    Never Seen Anything "Quite Like You"
    Paint the Town Green
    Without Those Songs
    Hail Rain or Sunshine

  • #3 Album (9/7/2012)
    Good Ol' Days
    Six Degrees of Separation
    Hall of Fame
    If You Could See Me Now
    Give the Love Around
    Broken Arrow
    No Words
    Bonus Tracks
    Moon Boots

  • Science & Faith Album (9/13/2010)
    You Won't Feel A Thing
    For The First Time
    Science & Faith
    If You Ever Come Back
    Long Gone And Moved On
    Dead Man Walking
    This = Love
    Walk Away
    Exit Wounds

  • The Script Album (8/11/2008)
    We Cry
    Before The Worst
    Talk You Down
    The Man Who Can't Be Moved
    Rusty Halo
    The End Where I Begin
    Fall For Anything
    If You See Kay
    I'm Yours
    Anybody There

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    Reviews about The Script albums
    the script #3 | Reviewer: Reymar Roong
        ------ About the album #3 performed by The Script

    The script is a nice band that i ever know, they have a good songs and in this album #3, i think broken arrows is my favourite, The Script you're the best

    Best Lyric! | Reviewer: Edenia Ayu Sihana
        ------ About the album The Script performed by The Script

    I love the script so much. Coz all songs have a magical powet through the lyrics. I can't even explain how it could be so.
    The lyrics r so simple, but it's easily take me to the story behind the song. It's like I was there that moment. I felteow the lyrics told me. keep it up, guys.we love u ! We support u! Love u all <3

    30/6/14 | Reviewer: pdiangz
        ------ About the album The Script performed by The Script

    ohhhhh !Goshh ..I just love these guys . when ever I listen to them it's like they bring meaning to the life in leaving now. every hell I've gone through they help me out. I hope they will be making more and more music in the future. xoxo

    the man who cant be move | Reviewer: Prabesh dkl
        ------ About the album The Script performed by The Script

    first time i listen them is man who can't be moved.when i first listen this song even i cried....i lines touches my heart....i never forget that also i listen that song when i m in lonely...its my luv u script family

    #3 is amazing!! | Reviewer: Imi
        ------ About the album #3 performed by The Script

    The album #3 is amazing! The script are such a successful band and they write and play such good songs!! This album is perfect for all the family because Danny, Mark and Glen are the adults generation so they know how to make their music so it appeals to adults as well but they are all good enough musicians that they make charts music that is successful so that it also appeals to the younger generations of today!! The script are my all time favourite band!! I love all the songs in this album! My favorite song would have to be millionaires as it shows all of their talents and the music is really well connected with the really well written lyrics<3 one day I aspire to see the script live in concert, meet Danny O'Donohuge, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power<333 I have loved the script all my life<3 they are AMAZINGGGG!!!!<3333333333

    #3 <3 | Reviewer: jess
        ------ About the album #3 performed by The Script

    the script has always made me feel all their song.they are my favorite band,and i wish i would see them live someday.their songs change the way you look at things atleast for the time when the song is playing....its spectacular #3<3

    the script #3 | Reviewer: bonni.ripia
        ------ About the album #3 performed by The Script

    its amazing all there songs explain how i feel its really awesome, i love listening to them, i cant goa day with out listening to them.there songs have so much meaning, and its amzing to that when danny sings his songs he gets emotional, that shows that its from the heart
    i recommned this album and all the other script albums to everyone

    best band ever! | Reviewer: jessica R
        ------ About the album The Script performed by The Script

    i love the script! Theyre not one of those pop bands having meaningless lyrics. Though the music isnt dat catchy, the words, danny voice......<3 simply awesome. It takes time to like em, but all their songs are great nd perfect...i cant see them sound band ever, if u ask me.

    Amazing band!!!! | Reviewer: Jess Parkin
        ------ About the album The Script performed by The Script

    Going to watch the script preform live at Bridlington spa on the 12th July 2013. My fav song by them is the man who can't be moved! I listen to it all of the time! I love all of the band members, I also need to say...

    All my love for the script, Jess

        ------ About the album The Script performed by The Script

    I don't now what to say. I'M SO SPEECHLESS!!!!! THEY'RE SO AMAZING! I really love them. When I first heard one of their songs w/c is The Man Who Can't be Moved.. MAN! I'M SO AMAZED!! and I was like L.S.S and when I searched another song from them, DUDE! I was blown away! their music is just so awesome and most of all, inspirational. When I became a Scriptette, I'm always inspired:) That's why I'll never stop loving Danny, Mark, Glen, Ben and Rodney. They will always be my favorite band. I love The Script ♥
    ~Remy =)

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