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Danny O'Donaghue (25): "The truth is, I spent a lot of my childhood singing when the other kids were outside playing football and getting into trouble."

Mark Sheehan (27): "I'm not trying to romanticise it, where we grew up was a shit hole, it was stealing cars, all the usual bollocks, but music gave me a sense that I could break away. I know it sounds like a cliche, but to me, as a kid, that was my way out."

Glen Power (28): "My mother always said to find one thing in life that you're good at and the day I picked up the sticks I found it."

The Script are an Irish trio whose music boasts the kind of artful twists sure to turn all preconceptions on their head. This is a whole new brand of Celtic Soul, blending hip hop lyrical flow with pop melodiousness, state-of-the-art R'n'B production with anthemic rock dynamics, classic song construction with gritty contemporary narratives. It's got all the emotion and passion you would expect from across the Irish sea, but it is glittering in its modernity, universal in its singalong addictiveness and global in its syncopation, music for the feet, heart and head. Think U2 versus Timbaland, Van Morrison remixed by Teddy Riley. "Irish people have soul," according to Danny. "It comes from generations of pain, and generations of understanding emotion to be able to physically get that in a solid sound."

"Soul is not a black thing or a white thing, it's a human thing," insists Mark.

"The true vision is to hit people in the heart," declares Glen.

Danny and Mark met in their early teens in the run down James Street area of Dublin, near the Guinness brewery, gravitating to each other through a shared obsession with music, and in particular a love of American black music. "At that time, MTV only came on in Dublin after midnight, it was the fuzzy channel, and for my generation black culture was just a wave through us all," explains Mark. "It wasn't about gangs and guns; it was fashion and fun, singing and dancing."

"One day I heard Stevie Wonder singing and the hairs on the back of my neck went up," says Danny. "I didn't even know people could sing like that, I'd never heard the acrobatics of it before." He spent years in his bedroom, practising vocal licks. "I'd try and emulate all those records, even down to string arrangements. Some of the best singers have emulated a musical instrument - Amy Winehouse is a saxophone - but the violin is the one for me, the vibrato, you can bring so much heartfelt emotion in."

"There is something about the way a voice encapsulates a person," says Mark. "The way Danny sings, the raw emotion, when you hear it in front of you, you cannot deny the power."

Striking up a songwriting and production partnership, Danny and Mark's exceptional talent was recognised early, and, to their astonishment, they found themselves invited to the States to collaborate with some of their production heroes, including such legends of modern R'n'B as Dallas Austin, Teddy Riley, The Neptunes and Rodney Jerkins. "It was a wonderful opportunity to see how these guys build songs," admits Mark, who always carried a little computer drive around and charmed his heroes into swapping libraries of sounds and samples.

Danny and Mark started as a backroom team, making demos for other artists, but when they met fellow Dublin drummer Glen, the dynamic shifted. Although they had never actually heard him play, such was the connection they made that Mark invited Glen on a working holiday to LA. "He just whipped the ass off all these LA session musos," enthuses Mark. "He is the funkiest drummer around with real energy and swing but Glen is also a fantastic guitarist, a fantastic keyboard player and he sings his ass off too."

Something of a prodigy on the Dublin scene, Glen had been playing sessions from fifteen years old, using the money to work on a solo project in his home studio. But that went on hold when his collaboration with Mark and Danny produced three songs in one week. "It was like I found my home playing with these guys," says Glen. "I had never had a chance with any other band to express myself with such freedom."

"Individually, we all had our own talents, but together it just went to another level," according to Danny.

And so The Script went into production. But it has not all been happy ever after. When Mark's mother became terminally ill, the trio returned to Dublin so that he could spend time with her, recording in his old home studio in James Street. "That was pulling on my heart strings in a big way," admits Danny. "Lyrically it was pouring out of me." After ten months, Mark's mother passed away. Four months later, Danny's father, also a professional musician, died unexpectedly of a heart attack. "I came home so that Mark could spend time with his mum, little did I know that I was actually getting to spend that precious time with my dad," reveals Danny. "But then amidst all this travesty and disaster, these songs have risen out of it. That was the time when it finally came home to me how important music was to me, cos in my darkest moments that's what got me through."

The trio's debut single, We Cry, was released by Phonogenic/ SonyBMG in April 2008 and reached #13 in the UK charts the following month. And it is something special, a soulful anthem of everyday struggle that manages to be simultaneously bleak and uplifting. "There is not a lot of hope in the song, cause not everybody's life is full of hope," explains Danny. "There's not always roses at the end. But out of all these things that have gone wrong in our lives and everybody else's lives, the message is 'together we cry'. Because as long as we're here together then we can find a way to share the burden."

Their debut album, will follow in August, it too promising to be something really special. "There is a whole lifetime in these songs," says Mark. "We don't write them in ten minutes. A song takes nurturing, it is an evolving thing. This is a journey, we are in constant change, constant motion. I can't ever put my finger on what exactly The Script is, I don't even think I should, all I know is that it is something that touches me deep inside, and seems to touch other people when we play."

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The Script's biggest Fan | Reviewer: Reuben Gisawa | 2/3/14

The Script genuinely inspire me in so many ways. They become my voice when I'm silent. I love all their songs and actually know most of them by heart. Cheers to #3 . Keep it up!!!!!!

Thank You. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/14

I cannot tell you anything you havent heard about your music, "amazing!", "graet!", "awe-inspiring", "helpful", "touching", but I can and will tell you, don't stop. your music is so honest, so true, and so inspiring, I feel so blessed to hear your words with all the feeling mixed into it. I don't know how I could manage anymore without hearing ya'lls voice. Thank you.
"There's not always roses at the end."

Inspiration | Reviewer: Tujeni | 1/16/14

I have heard all songs of The Script.But I got inspiration from many songs.Like Before One Year when the Song Hall of Fame was realized I listen it before going to give my final exam.In the break time,I forget some content of my text and I close my eyes and thought about Hall of Fame.So it inspires me to give my exam properly.My favorite song is "Nothing and Hall of Fame"and The most loveable Video is "The man who can't be moved".I am expecting to hear new songs from the script in 2014.You Guys really do a good job.One thing,I want to send a message i love every lyrics of every songs.Please keep it up.

Keep Inspiring People! | Reviewer: Anna | 12/8/13

The Script is truly amazing. The take time to write their songs. Every single song that they've made has a story and a meaning behind it. I used to listen to few of their songs but then I became hooked (actually obsessed) with 'Hall of Fame' featuring Will I Am. I decided to look up more of their songs and I stumbled upon 'For the First Time' which is a song I like a lot. I never knew it was by them though. Then I found 'If You Could See Me Now' and 'Six Degrees of Separation'. Then I listened to every other song. I listened to them for the whole weekend. I'm listening to them now. Normally, I don't' listen to rap or a song that has cursing in it (mainly cause of my parents) but their songs just have so much meaning it doesn't bother me any. Their songs talk about love and loss. Their beautifully tragic. They show a sad souls crying together. Hence 'We Cry'. I realized that Danny's father died. When Mark said "We put a whole lifetime into these songs", he really means it. The Script's songs have impacted me and inspired me so much these past two days.They are outstanding, and awe-inspiring, and perfect.

Absolute perfection | Reviewer: Phoebe | 6/7/13

The Script are absolutely phenomenal, they have changed my life and made me become who I am. I actually could not be a normal person without their music and now they deserve every bit of fame and fortune because they have worked hard for it and they are my heroes and legends forever.

walah!! | Reviewer: Janice | 4/18/13

The day Ive heard their songs, it pops up in my ear the beauty of their songs that made me craves upon listening... Its very nice to listen to it with every details from their songs that makes you feel what the lyrics is. Super AMAZING and they are very talented too.

Fantastic and Amazing! | Reviewer: Tasha | 7/20/12

The first song I heard by The Script was "For the First Time". After that I was hooked, I listen to their music every chance I get. I LOVE the music they make! If you haven't heard their music you're definitly missing out. I highly recomend them, they are also currently my favorite band if that prosuades you at all! But I will warn you if you cry at sad songs buy a LOT of tissues!

amazing | Reviewer: Kaelyn | 9/26/11

I heard the script on the radio in Denton Texas and all it took was hearing "for the first time" and I was hooked. These guys are beautiful and amazing and the fact that they are Irish is just even better. Me and my husband are Irish and I feel a connection with their music. I'm constantly listening to them and reading about them. They are my escape from reality. I'm having a hard time in my life with my grandma having Alzheimer's and I can get away with their music. Its beautiful and soulful. I would love to meet them and go to a concert some day. It would be truly the beat experience of my life aside From the birth of my son. :) I hope they read this and and know how they have impacted me. :)

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