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The Scabs Biography

Last updated: 10/08/2002 02:35:32 AM

More than a Feeling by the Scabs confirms their statement, "It's your world and we're just here to rock the shit out of it!" August 2000 was the release of the new Scabs album, The Destroyer.

Bob Schneider on lead vocals, Bruce Hughes on vocals and bass, David Robinson on drums and vocals, David Boyle on keyboard and clarinet, Adam Temple on guitar and vocals, Charles Rieser on guitar and vocals, Carlos Sosa on saxaphone, Fernie Castillo on trumpet, and Rolo on trombone are The Scabs. Their lyrics are "naughty" to put it mildly, their attitude is decidedly male and horny, and their live performances are a nonstop tour de force.

Freebird, at left, is another of their albums. These rockers got their start as the Ugly Americans and built a strong base using that name. Their success as a group took them touring out of Austin, but they could be found often at spots like Antone's or Carlos and Charlie's. The 1999 Austin Music Award for Best Band went to The Scabs.

The Scabs/Ugly Americans website is now focused on the solo career of lead singer Bob Schneider.