The Saw Doctors Lyrics

Davy Carton : Singer, Songwriter
Leo Moran : Guitar, Songwriter
Pearse Doherty : Bass Guitar
Jim Higgins : Drums
Derek Murray : Keyboards, Accordion
Anthony Thistlethwaite : Saxophone
Danni Healy : Trumpet
Padraig Stevens : Percussion

'There is a special place in rock 'n' roll mythology
reserved for that rare phenomenon, the people's band. The
Grateful Dead, The Faces, Status Quo and Bruce Springsteen
during his years as leader of the E Street Band are
examples which define the breed: performers who have
established a More...

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Review about The Saw Doctors songs
Great song | Reviewer: Michael
    ------ About the song I'll Be on My Way performed by The Saw Doctors

Karen, read your thoughts and laughed along as I too from the first time I heard the song said to my wife and friends that this song would be the last they heard from me as I get wheeled out of the church.

The Green and Red of Mayo ! | Reviewer: Tony Ruane Straid Mayo and Swords Dublin.
    ------ About the song Green and Red of Mayo performed by The Saw Doctors

This is a magnificent song by the Saw Doctors from Tuam.
I have never enjoyed it more than when it was played on the PA
system in Croke Park on September 2nd 2012, when Mayo defeated the Dubs in the All Ireland Football Semi-final.
I was surrounded by Dubs that day in the Hogan Stand and they too
were joining me in the chorus. They were very magnanimous in defeat and many shook my hand very warmly.
As a Mayoman, I am ashamed to say that it was a 'returned Yank' named Pat Redding who introduced me to this lovely song in 2011,
and I had not heard it before that. The lyrics are somewhat poignant and melancholy in substance but the melody is suitably matched and the whole arrangement will moisten the eyeballs of even the hardest-hearted listeners.

Summers Past | Reviewer: KJ
    ------ About the song Hay Wrap performed by The Saw Doctors

Takes me back to summers when bales were rectangular and brill for building forts and climbing on! Now they're all huge and round and wrapped in plastic and health and safety regulations :( But even if you didn't grow up round farms how can you not love a song with this much energy and lyrics like "get that wasp off my sandwich!"?

memories | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Red Cortina performed by The Saw Doctors

I have been in love w/this song since I first heard it. It reminds me of a girl who was my girlfriend from ages 16 to 19. She recently passed away and now the song even chokes me up more than before--Keep up the great work!

A brilliant song !! | Reviewer: Sammie
    ------ About the song Tommy K. performed by The Saw Doctors

I love this song. It's great. It really has a great feeling about it and every time I hear it, it just makes me want to sing and dance (so I do haha). It's genious song, and nevermind Tommy K. climbing the hit parade, the Sawdoctors will be doing that.

Amazing Lyrics | Reviewer: Kadon
    ------ About the song Never Mind the Strangers performed by The Saw Doctors

These lyrics exemplify life itself. They are so true and I can relate every aspect of my life, no matter how obscure, to a Saw Doctors song. This is one of the best.... i love it

Beautiful Imagery | Reviewer: flipster
    ------ About the song Green and Red of Mayo performed by The Saw Doctors

Well, your ancestors were probably thinking about enough food and a chance at a better life. But I love the song and the band all the same. Two chords and well-written, heartfelt, bittersweet lyrics.

Great tune.

amazing | Reviewer: harriet jackson
    ------ About the song I Want You More performed by The Saw Doctors

because my dad is half irish i took on the role with like going to the saint patrick's parade(witch me and my half irish friend have been in the irish post twice for) and watching the irish rugby.i have seen the s.doctors every time they come to bristol (exept the venues that aren't aloud kids) and played a concert the past 7 years!!!me n my dad brother and sister love all of the s.docters songs but i want u more and everday just have to be two of my favourates!!!

yours faithaly

harriet jackson
age 10
p.s most of our pets have irish names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gotta love the saw doctors | Reviewer: Claudia
    ------ About the song Clare Island performed by The Saw Doctors

loved loved them in Philly, and i can not wait to see them in Ortley, New Jersey on August 21.

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Kevin
    ------ About the song Never Mind the Strangers performed by The Saw Doctors

This is one of the Saw Doctors best songs in my opinion. I think it epitomizes their musical and lyrical style. Very uplifting, I highly recommend giving it a (or 10) listen.

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