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Eminem The Sauce Lyrics

Last updated: 10/30/2012 02:41:44 PM

[Eminem talkin']
Its all bad now man, its all bad
But yal done fucked up now
Yeah ha ha, new shit, hey yo
I just want the whole world to know:
That I did not start this, but I will finish it

Comin up it never mattered what color you was
If you could spit then you could spit, thats it, thats what it was
Back when, motherf*ckers was straight back packin
Cypherin, fightin for life in this rap
for the mic to get past and you psyched and you gasped
and you hyped cuz you last and you might whoop some ass
If you lost then you lost shake hands like a man
and you swallowed it, when the unsigned hype column
at The Source was like, the only source of light
When the mics used to mean somethin, a four was like
you were the shit, now its like the least you get
three and a half now just means you a piece of shit
four and a half or five, means you Biggie, Jigga, Nas,
or Benzino I dont think you even realize
you playin with motherf*ckers lives, I done watched Dre
get ****ed on The Chronic, probably cuz I was on it
Now you fucked me outa my mics twice I let it slide
I said I wouldnt hold my f*cken breath to get a five
Sh*t I was right, Ida f*ckin died already tryin
I swear to God I never lie I bet thats why
you let that b*tch give me that bullsh*t review
I sat and took it, I aint look at the sh*t we knew
You'd probly try to f*ck us with Obie and 50 too
F*ck a relationship we through
No more Source with street cred, them days is dead
Dre's got A-Ks to Dave May's head
Every issue there's an eight page Made-Mens spread
Will somebody please tell whoever braids his head
That I am not afraid, hes just a f*ckin waste of lead
on my pencil, for me to write some sh*t this simple
So listen closely, as I break it down and proceed
This old Gs bout to get smoked like rolled weed
You dont know me or my motherf*ckin mother you motherf*ckin punk
Put me on your fuckin cover just to sell your little sell out mag
I aint mad I feel bad, heres an ad, heres a poster of Ray-Ray and his dad
You wanna talk about some sh*t that you dont know about? ya
Lets talk about how your puttin you own son out there
To try to eat off him, cuz you missed your boat
Your never gonna blow b*tch your just too old
No wonder your sore now lordy your bored now
Im pushin thirty your kickin fourty's door down
B*tch this is war now, and youl never beat me
all you do is cheat me out of QUATABLES but you know
that youl always see me on your TV
Cuz you gotta stay up till three in the mornin
To see your video played once on bet
So he-he-he who has the last laugh?
Aftermath ya so on behalf on our whole staff
kiss our ass-hole cracks we'll never fold or hold back
Just know that Benzinos wack
no matter how many times I say his name, hell never blow jack
Your better off tryin to bring R-S-O back
Look at your track record thats how far it goes back
Its extortion n Ray own's a proportion
so half of the staff up there is fresh outta jail from boston
Bullyin and bossin, Dave like a slave they've completely brainwashed him
And forced him to stay locked in his own office afraid of the softest
fakest, wannabe gangster in New York
And its pitiful, cuz I would have never said sh*t to you if you'd have kept your mouth shut
B*tch now what? Hit it Clue, spit it Slay
New sh*t, exclusive, yo Lantern, Whoo Kid
You know what to do with this: use it
Im through, this is stupid, I cant believe I stooped to this
bullsh*t to do this...

And who you callin a b*tch? B*tch. You owe me.

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benzino that fucking prick | Reviewer: david | 10/30/12

that little stupid cock sucker got what was comin to him "hey dick head take yo ass back to t.v land you nick-at-nite lookin mother fucker" eminem killed you next time big people talking bitch shut yo mouth.

hahahahaha | Reviewer: Nnatrex | 1/20/12

BITCH DOWN!!! hahahahaha i cant believe how hard eminem banged benzinos career!but on a serious note, there is a lesson in all of this. if you value your career and no shit, life, dont fuck with eminem. this song got benzino fired and the son Nail in the Coffin ruined his rapping career more than most of the other beef songs eminem created. but when you put it all together, benzino made a pretty obvios dumbfuck move. he ruined his own life.

squashed | Reviewer: whitey | 5/23/11

yo em you completely dominated benzino i never even heard of him until this track and nail in the coffin. he try and respond with pull your skirt up? pre pittiful track aii then you got go to sleep which just sums it up. id love to see him or ja try and go head to head with you and get murdered.

One of the Best Beef Tracks Period | Reviewer: james | 4/25/11

Yo, this stuff is Eminem in his best, When Benzino started this he didnt expect Eminem to come back with anything this hard. And once Eminem came out with Nail in the Coffin this beef was over. Period. End of Story. I'd love to hear anything Benzino came up with after this.

The Sauce Review | Reviewer: Cory Smith | 10/10/09

This song is possibly one of Eminem's greatest Diss tracks...ever! 'The Sauce' is a track that focuses on Benzino and how he ruined the magazine that was once known as the 'Rap Bible.'called The Source. With it's fast-paced beat and incredible lyrical savagry, it can easily draw you in and is the perfect example of Eminem's awesome lyricist skills. It goes to show you that dissing Eminem can be the worst mistake one can make, especially if your a no-talent hack like Benzino. Than again, the only reason most people have even heard of the man was because of his feud with Eminem, he should be grateful to the legendary Rapper for even responding to his disses, and no matter how many Diss tracks the guy spits out, this track along with 'Nail in the Coffin' will always come on out on top and show everyone who the better man and rapper really is...Marshall all the way.

I can listen over and over | Reviewer: Bryan | 12/14/07

Their are so many great things to this song. Lyrics, the way he flows, the beat, the way he goes from calm to angrier as the song goes on and how he gets more personal as the song goes on as well. Classic track.

Eminem Diss Tracks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

This is probably the best eminem diss' track ever, but there are so many other good ones...
Nail in the Coffin, Bully, and Rabbit Run (not quite a diss' but a savage track)

Eminem | Reviewer: Eminem | 10/25/07

Ya thanks guys for stickin up for me.. we all know that Benzino is a little pussy to put me on the cover of the magazine.. pff man im done with him.. as you can see he got nuttin to say now speechless..

Benzino just got merked | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/07

End of story. I would have loved to see Benzino's face after hearing this song. His jaw probably just dropped. He got fucking killed

Bullyin and bossin Dave like a slave
They completely brainwashed him and forced him to stay
Locked in his own office
Afraid of the softest, fakest, wannabe gangsta in New York

damn. homie got rocked. | Reviewer: Playboi | 6/29/07

first of all, i'd like to say DAMN! benzino's so gay. why the FUCK would he go and do some stupid shit like. it makes NO sense at all. he's so immature and self-centered. but im sure after this song, he's changed that. i dont know anyone who wouldnt. to be honest, if a song was made like that about me, i'd probably never show my face in public again. lets talk about embarrassment. =/. but em's lyrical content in this song is the best i done heard, besides maybe tupac's "hit em up." from what i've heard, after this song, the source went from alright (i used to read it) to the worst fuckin magazine. i'd rather chew on nails then read that magazine. but on the real, great song, great lyrics, great beats, great artist. definately goin down as one of the greatest/if not the greatest diss tracks of all time. :). hope this helps. peaceasy.

What a cock benzino is | Reviewer: Jonny | 6/4/07

Benzino got toally fucked up, if you loved this i reccomend Nail in the coffin agin benzino gets totally fucked. Eminem = one of the greats

Stupid Benzino | Reviewer: Tako | 5/29/07

lmao i love this song.. You guys heard a song called Die another day by Benzino? Jesus Christ.. He threatened Em and his daughter.. Pretty stupid thing to do hey.. This song is a good one and benzino deserves all the shit Em says about him..

fuck me sik | Reviewer: shifty | 5/11/07

who has the last laugh?
aftermath yeh
so on behalf of our hole staff
kiss our ass hole cracks
well never fold or hold back
just know that
benzino's wak
and no matter how mny times i say his name he'll nevver blow jack
u shud try bring rso bak
look at ur track
record thats how far it goes back

omfg thats 11 ryms sick

genius | Reviewer: scruff | 4/15/07

benzino couldnt top that, no one could build tension and make the lyircs flow so well, produce like that only comes from a pure fuckin genius like eminem

Who produced this song? | Reviewer: Ansy | 4/10/07

I went onto wikipedia nd looked at this song and its album, and it syas that 2pac and biggie produced this album, i really cant understand how this is true!!!!! what do u think?