The Samples Albums

  • Return to Earth Album (4/10/2001)
    Wild River (Colorado)
    Our Time
    Castle Walls
    Great Blue Ocean
    World of Machines
    Landing on the Sidewalk
    Return to Earth
    The Class of 1979
    Tom Joad
    Nature of the Beast
    Lonely Soul
    Radio Song
    Save It for a Rainy Day
    Water Under the Bridge

  • Sparta Album (10/24/2000)
    Did You Ever Look So Nice?
    Losing End of Distance
    We All Move On
    When It's Raining

  • Landing on the Sidewalk Album (10/24/2000)
    All Tears Fall
    Did You Ever Look So Nice?
    Feel Us Shakin'
    Here and Somewhere Else
    Landing on the Sidewalk (Let the Light Shine On In)
    Little Silver Ring
    Water Under the Bridge
    We All Move On
    When the Day is Done

  • The Tan Mule Album (9/1/1998)
    Take My Heart
    Another Bargain
    The Ballad of Joey Frost
    Across the Sea
    Lizard Skin
    The F.O.H. Mobile Blues
    Had I Known (The Days and Minutes Turn To...
    The Tree Outside
    Walking Home
    Buck Day
    Inside Out
    The Tan Mule
    Black and White

  • Here and Somewhere Else Album (7/14/1998)
  • Outpost Album (7/15/1996)
  • Autopilot Album (3/1/1994)
  • The Last Drag Album (9/1/1993)
  • No Room Album (3/1/1992)
  • Underwater People Album (3/1/1992)
  • The Samples Album (5/1/1989)

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