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Annie Lennox The Saddest Song I've Got Lyrics

Last updated: 12/25/2011 10:00:00 AM

Darling are you feeling
The same thing that I'm seeing
The troubles of the day
Took my breath away
Took my breath away
Now you're no longer talking
And I'm no longer hearing
There's nothing left to say
Said it anyway
Said it anyway
And I want you not
I need you not
I'm dying
Cos this is the saddest song I've got
The saddest song I've got
Darling are you healing
From all the scars appearing
Don't it hurt a lot
Don't know how it stops
Don't know how it stops
Now there's no sense in seeing
The colours of the morning
Can't hold the clouds at bay
Chase them all away
Chase them all away
And I'm frozen still
Unspoken still
Remembering something I forgot
Something I forgot

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Anthem to Annie's "SING"Org- to help prevent/treat HIV in Africa. | Reviewer: Jan Sclafani- Don't Shop for a pet-ADOPT & SAVE A LIFE | 12/25/11

The video is available in a 9 minute club/dance version. However, once you connect this beautiful but haunting song to this video, you won't feel much like dancing. The entire video depicts many people of Africa( mostly women & children)with HIV. Her organization(SING) is meant to help educate people around the world about the grand scale of the disease in the AFRICAN NATION. It is also specifically intended to help the people in Africa prevent infection, get medical assist if they are infected & other forms of active help in a multitude of ways. ** Very gripping, poignant video that should be a wake up call to the world.** The beginning of the video states everyone in the music video is Hiv + except for Annie. Some shown are still alive, some are dying &some are already dead. The faces of the children really get to you-and those people who we witness with full blown AIDS, are devastating. There is no excuse for such apathy from the rest of the world- especially the lack of concern or awareness from the more developed nations. These are countries who are capable of helping in the fight to stop the spread of a disease that can be "prevented"-if not cured. Look at the lyrics again & it hardly seems like a love song :-(

Thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/07

This is by far one of the best break up songs...the whole bare album is perfect