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The Roots are an influential Philadelphia-based hip hop
group, known for innovative lyrics and live
instrumentation. Originally composed of Black Thought (MC
vocals) and ?uestlove (drums). The Roots soon added Malik
B. (MC vocals), Kamal (keyboard), Hub (bass guitar) and
Rahzel (beatboxing) and earned themselves a respectable
fanbase in Philadelphia.

Their debut album, Organix, was released on Remedy Records.
With significant hype, The Roots soon signed to DGC and
released their major label debut, Do You Want More?!!!??!
in 1995 More...

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Review about The Roots songs
sneaking a new style in on the music industry | Reviewer: Brian
    ------ About the song The Seed (2.0) performed by The Roots

I think this is about song genres and the music industry. Here is my guess:

They are sneaking an out of genre song in under the music industry radar. This song. And saying in the song that's what they are doing, with sex/plant/religious metaphors. Clever irony.

"Mary", his lover, is the music industry - all about money, controlling artistic freedom, and popularity. Black Thought, in the "knocked up" opening is talking about the industry releasing this song without really knowing what it's about or being able to control it. He talks about the genres/styles the industry wants, based on money. He is going to show the industry what's next. Them working together, getting a little artistic freedom is enough, and getting popular.

2nd Rap is a Black Thought more typical rap lyrics self-promotion verse.

Cody is talking about not whining or begging about the industry control and money. And he is sneaking one in on them. All the seed and baby metaphors are about starting this new style, and watching it grow, without the industry knowing it's happening, against their will. And it will work because they have style and secret cleverness. They'll be remembered for it. And they'll name it Rock'N'Roll.

the seed as a metaphor | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Seed (2.0) performed by The Roots

I'm interpreting the seed 2.0 as a metaphor where cheating on his true love (hip hop) and planting his seed ( his legacy ) in this adulterous relationship with women Mary reflects the synthesis of various musical genres expanding from hip hop with neo soul funk...etc and rock'n roll....he expresses "she wants neo soul hip hop is old she don't want no rock'n roll" she (the song)is not limited with stereo types that box in rap and rock though the song unquestioningly contains both genres...expressing the desire to make a lot of money with song is consistent with the idea of reaching a broader listening audience...reaching out to an audience beyond hip hop...his first love...If you put a gun to his head he might call it rock'n roll but its his musical skill in combining a number of different disciplines that makes this song so raw and makes his legacy-the lyrics to the seed 2.0 are strong when viewed with the light of whats going on musically with the track.

The Chorus Lyrics | Reviewer: GeeZ
    ------ About the song Don't Say Nuthin' performed by The Roots

When the saint on the ground,

with the grind on rhyme,

with´╗┐ the niggas who grind with King Kong hitting Thailand,

give it here, and don't say nuthin'

just give it here, and don't say nuthin',

when the team on the set, hit, the gun gonna clap,

git it down on record,hey, umm, cut the check,

give it here, and don't say nuthin',

give it here and don't say nuthin'

Don't Say Nuthin' | Reviewer: BBoyCompany
    ------ About the song Don't Say Nuthin' performed by The Roots

This is probably clowning the industry & these rappers, who more times than not, get a "check" for "sayin' nothin".

You don't even have to hear the words and it'll sell..."Y'all fake niggas not setting a trend
We never listen to them"


small correction | Reviewer: Allen Penn
    ------ About the song Push Up Ya Lighter performed by The Roots

first verse, first line is not Southeast to Pennsylvania but is Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority if you've ever been to Philly you know he's talking about the public transportation system called SEPTA.

Listen Closer | Reviewer: TCT
    ------ About the song Don't Say Nuthin' performed by The Roots

In response to the person whose title is wrong chorus. I know you may know The Roots "personally" but if you listen closely, you can understand more than the 2 phrases that you pointed out. This website almost has it. a few words are off but it's close.

Wrong Chorus | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Don't Say Nuthin' performed by The Roots

The chorus is just gibberish except the words like "don't say nothin" and "cut the check." The chorus started at a practice session, where Black Thought was presenting an idea to the group about how the chorus should go, but he hadn't written all the lyrics. The band decided to keep the recording as the final chorus. These chorus lyrics are completely made up based on what someone thinks they heard. I know the roots personally.

The Ultimate | Reviewer: Lover of Noise
    ------ About the song The Ultimate performed by The Roots

This song is one of the many creations of the Roots primarily designated for live performances. if you read the lyrics, they are catchy and very Black Thought-ish but not like his usual concise and collected manner. its like, he is just having a good time at the mic...

for me, The Roots crew is the ultimate!!! if you like their live performances, go and look up The Roots Live... you'll find a link with 4gigs of nothing but live performances... and thats when you know that they do albums just to satisfy the record deal, but these guys know hip-hop like Einstein knew physics. peace

What album is this song on? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Ultimate performed by The Roots

this may sound like a stupid question, but what album is this on, if any? i downloaded phrenelogy and it came with it, but on wikipedia it doesnt say "the ultimate" is on that album...

cool song btw, nice job with the lyrics for it!

You got me | Reviewer: "Page" from Tanzania (East Africa)
    ------ About the song You Got Me performed by The Roots

Point blank!
The words of this song,music,video lives forever!definatetly it is lovers rock!although Im a fan base of roots crew,so stupid,I never know the girl who put a second stanza was eve!

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