The Rolling Stones Lyrics

FORMED: January 1963, London, England

The Rolling Stones define rock 'n' roll. They are the
longest running act in the history of rock music, having
remained wildly popular and prodigiously productive over
their 30-year career. The group was formed by Mick Jagger
and Keith Richards, who met as schoolmates in Dartford,
Kent. The legend has them bumping into each other on the
platform at Dartford railway station, where Keith notices a
blues album under Mick's arm. A bond is struck immediately
and the pair go on to form a band with a More...

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Review about The Rolling Stones songs
Get offa my cloud too! | Reviewer: Ziggy Zagetta
    ------ About the song Get Off My Cloud performed by The Rolling Stones

Do you think that the protagonist in this song resents intrusions upon a drug-induced "cloud"? Or does "cloud" simply refer to his high-altitude vantage point (the 99th floor of a high-rise apartment building)? We may never know.
Either way, the song appeals to me because my autism induces me to prefer solitude, even though my job has me on stage in front of an audience. I just got back from performing this song in a hospital. The geriatric crowd went wild! They were all shouting back Hey! HEY!! You! YOU!! Get offa my cloud! with the same enthusiasm that you will find at any rock concert.
So remember what the Blues Brothers said: "Buy all the blues records that you can, because fifty years from now, they will be available only in the classical record section of your local library."

Slight correction needed? | Reviewer: Jackflash2000
    ------ About the song You Got The Silver performed by The Rolling Stones

A Keef Klassic. One lyric correction for the last verse: I believe the line is "If that’s your love, just leave me blind." He doesn't care if she takes his soul and all his money, he's hopelessly in love with her. Could be wrong, but that's what I hear on the "Let It Bleed" version.

Beyond Brilliant! Stones At Their Best | Reviewer: Frank @ Bowtie
    ------ About the song Luxury performed by The Rolling Stones

This is one of those legendary tracks that gives creedence to the nickname "The World's Greatest Rock And Roll Band" the boys hammer off a masterpiece fusing reggae and rock......and those lyrics? WOW! An ESSENTIAL Stones' cut that everyone needs to hear, recorded towards the end of the period when they really REALLY were "The Shit"....

Winter | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Winter performed by The Rolling Stones

I always thought the lyric was "I been burnin' my bare, broken candle." Seems to make more sense in the song. Why would you burn a bell? Maybe I take it too literally. Loved the movie though.

Regardless, great song and I agree that the Carla Olson/Mick Taylor version is how it was supposed to sound. Taylor was great on Goats Head Soup and It's Only Rock 'n Roll. Very creative, experimental blues guitarist. Fantastic tone too.

The Stones never gave him the credit he deserved...I always pitied the "other guitar player" in that band, including Woody, whose great style forged in Faces was buried by Mick/Keith.

Stylistically an obvious extension of "In Another Land." | Reviewer: Sir Tarry Boy
    ------ About the song The Lantern performed by The Rolling Stones

The lyrics are nearly Poe -like in their resignation and knowing. The Stones weightier lyrics always had a obvious nod to Dylan. Also this song seems to hang in mid-air, not even the polarity one associates with a slow ballad. All that said it is certainly a product of its time. A dollar to a donut says they have never performed this song live.

before they make me run | Reviewer: william starnes jr
    ------ About the song Before They Make Me Run performed by The Rolling Stones

favorite stones tune today that could change tomorrow but i can really relate to the concept cause i have lost so many friends to a horrible disease. another goood tune marshall tucker band see ya later im gone off first album

Who is the Devil Anyway? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sympathy For The Devil performed by The Rolling Stones

I think this song is asking 'Who is the Devil anyway?'. Evil action comes in many human forms and runs through history, we all have the power to create yet also the power to kill. Which do we choose? Who do we put in charge? Who do we blame? Who is really responsible?

Sweet Virginia | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Sweet Virginia performed by The Rolling Stones

The only piece of lyric that's missing (having just listened to it on headphones) is on the second verse of the second line of Come on down,he says prior to the line "I said" Come on down etc.

Stoned in my limo after 4 a.m. alone and grooving to Heaven! Awsome! | Reviewer: August Murray Jr.
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by The Rolling Stones

Heaven reminds me of riding in my limo listening to "Heaven" and stone out of my mind on some maui maui. Tranqui, peaceful and calm was the night as we zoomed on Hwy I-45. Good memory.

opinion | Reviewer: richard
    ------ About the song Where The Boys Go performed by The Rolling Stones

rockin stones song sounds like a foreign language,charlie on fire as well as the rest of the band.whenever u hear this song krank it.13 stones shows under my belt since 1981 my favs l.a. coliseum 1981 again coliseum 1989 twice rose bowl 1994 withbuddy guy,red ht chil peprs. 1997 dodger stadium . twice arrowhead pond Anaheim ca 1999.2002 at angels stadium ,Anaheim. 2005 Hollywood bowl. 2006 Inglewood forum. 2007 at dodgers stadium . and finally twice at Honda center formaly the pond Anaheim twice may 2013. I have lived

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