The Rifles Albums

  • None the Wiser Album (1/26/2014)
    Minute Mile
    Heebie Jeebies
    Go Lucky
    All I Need
    You Win Some
    Catch Her In The Rye
    The Hardest Place To Find Me
    Shoot From The Lip
    Eclectic Eccentric
    Under And Over

  • Freedom Run Album (9/19/2011)
    Long Walk Back
    Sweetest Thing
    Tangled Up In Love
    Love Is A Key
    Nothing Matters
    Coming Home
    I Get Low
    Little Boy Blue (Human Needs)
    Cry Baby

  • Great Escape Album (1/26/2009)
    Science In Violence
    The Great Escape
    Fall To Sorrow
    Winter Calls
    Out In The Past
    Romeo And Julie
    The General
    For the Meantime
    Lazy Bones[Hidden Track]

  • The Rifles EP Album (12/15/2008)
    The Great Escape
    Darling Girl
    I Could Never Lie
    A Love To Die For

  • No Love Lost Album (7/17/2006)

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