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Keith Murray The Rhyme Lyrics

Last updated: 03/31/2009 12:00:00 PM

The Rhyme, Keith Murray

Yeah, uhh
One time for your mind
Mr Murray once again
Keeping it jiggy
You know I’m saying
Strictly ices
Check me out, check it out

Now for next to little or nothin' I be rippin' up every function
with scientifical mad man consumptions
with mass productions of mass conjunctions
I display new ways of mc destruction
'cause ain't nothin' better than the shit I got
makin' niggas jump off the roof is roof-top
I put the hip in hop and the don't in stop and the clip in clop
then I rock box your block
my hypothesis on this
is you niggas better come to terms of my vocabulary quick or get dissed
my brain bleeds mental complex feeds
bring it on kid I got exactly what you need
twisted metaphors to get your ass in Star Wars
I’m a live forever like Bob Marley just because
the mad matador of metaphor
flips the hard core for him and his, them and theirs, you and yours


And it bee's like that sometimes
cause I can't control the rhyme
I said it bee's like that sometimes
cause I can't control the rhyme
I keep it jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy
we keep it be wiggy wiggy wiggy wiggy
cause it be jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy
and it be wiggy wiggy wiggy wiggy

the most beautifullest vocabulist
be punchin’ phony mc's dead in their esophagus
my analysis is roughly calloused
you better practice if you want to challenge this
I'm symbolic to the sun moon and stars
you gettin' knocked out the box no matter who you are (no matter who)
the funk phat tracks lures you to listen
as my vocals bend your brain up in the fetal position
learn a quick lesson, of mic aggression
so when I walk down the street there'll be no second guessing
now you can walk the walk, talk the talk, pack burners all day
but you're still fireproof like an ashtray
I'm a scientist in the mix like Plyx
turnin' all you fly emcees back into maggots
top prop soil
watch me bubble and boil
keep it Grand Royal as you fold like foil


I played the many thousand roles of street life
showed Houdini that the freaks come out in broad daylight
me and my crew be tight like Laverne & Shirley
rollin' through all ya'll hoods, pullin’ all ya'll fly girlies
emcee's always bitchin' that just makes my style hard
I roll with nobody but God and the Squad
me and my troops be knockin' niggas out the size of Seuss
lettin the OJ juice loose on phat tracks E.D. produced

Thanks to Knudsradamus for submitting The Rhyme Lyrics.