The Replacements Lyrics

The Replacements
f. 1979 in Minneapolis, MN, USA

This pop-punk group was formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota,
USA in 1979, with Paul Westerberg (b. 31 December 1960,
Minneapolis, USA; guitar, vocals), Tommy Stinson (b. 6
October 1966, San Diego, California, USA; bass), Bob
Stinson (b. 17 December 1959, Mound, Minnesota, USA, d. 18
February 1995; guitar) and Chris Mars (b. 26 April 1961,
Minneapolis, USA; drums). Originally the Impediments, their
early shambolic, drunken gigs forced a name change to
secure further work. Their debut for More...

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Review about The Replacements songs

What's Westerberg's beef? | Reviewer: Paul
    ------ About the song Waitress In The Sky performed by The Replacements

That he has had problems with crappy service and attitudes from flight attendants is obvious. But why does he have to compare them to a time-honored occupation in a derogatory manner? I know many waitresses who love their jobs. They like dealing with people and they make a very decent living because they are good at it. It's easy to believe that Westerberg never tipped and never will.

Here comes a regular | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Here Comes A Regular performed by The Replacements

One of the saddest and most gorgeous songs I've ever heard. Westerberg captures the despair of those seeking escape from their disappointments in a bottle, and the loneliness of a bar, even if it's full of people. This is a song I thought of every now and then while struggling with drinking, and makes me glad that part of my life is over.

Answering Machine | Reviewer: Gogunn
    ------ About the song Answering Machine performed by The Replacements

Made me cry. I am the sensitive type. Remember answering machines? They had tapes in them. if you saved the tapes, they make for some hilarious listening years later. If Westerberg left any messages on your answering machine, I'd pay to give them a listen. In the meantime I'll listen to the two versions on the 2008 re-issue. The playing is Replacements amateurish, but what the hell, the song is great. It's perfect the way it is, played by a lonely guy and his guitar and maybe a bottle. Could've been a hit if Prince recorded it.

livin on the ledge | Reviewer: stas kusak
    ------ About the song The Ledge performed by The Replacements

My personal favorite Replacement song. Brings back all the extended middle fingers that were flown in my youth. God love rock and roll.

    ------ About the song THEY'RE BLIND performed by The Replacements

This song is awesome no matter who is singing it.
"They're Blind" is great at simply saying
"Maybe I'm talented;
the reason no sees that
I am talented
is that they are
Anyway, it was on "Don't
TELL A Soul" and Kelly
(Schwing!) Wills
album "What I Deserve."

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