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The Replacements Biography

Last updated: 01/29/2012 11:00:00 AM

The Replacements
f. 1979 in Minneapolis, MN, USA

This pop-punk group was formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in 1979, with Paul Westerberg (b. 31 December 1960, Minneapolis, USA; guitar, vocals), Tommy Stinson (b. 6 October 1966, San Diego, California, USA; bass), Bob Stinson (b. 17 December 1959, Mound, Minnesota, USA, d. 18 February 1995; guitar) and Chris Mars (b. 26 April 1961, Minneapolis, USA; drums). Originally the Impediments, their early shambolic, drunken gigs forced a name change to secure further work. Their debut for the local Twin/Tone label showcased their self-proclaimed power trash style. earning comparisons with hardcore legends Hüsker Dü. Subsequent albums saw the group diversifying to encompass influences from folk, country and blues, without straying far from their winning formuls of rock 'n' roll married to the raw passion of punk rock. Beloved by critics on both sides of the Atlantic, the group appeared on the verge of mainstream success in America with the release of Pleased to Meet Me. Bob Stinson was replaced by Slum Dunlap and Westerberg was at the height of his songwriting powers on the suicide anthem 'The Ledge', and the achingly melodic 'Skyway'. Greater succes somehow eluded them and All Shook Down was a largely subdued affair, hinting at an impending solo career for Westerberg. However, it was Mars who would become first ex-Replacement to record following the band's dissolution in 1990. Westerberg too would go on to sign under his own name, while Tommy Stinson formed his own bands, Bash and Pop and then Perfect. Dunlap reappeared on Dan Baird's debut solo album. Bob Sinson died in 1995 of a suspected drug overdose. The 1997 double CD compilation included unreleased material and rarities.

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