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After a three year hiatus, Phil Solem and Danny Wilde, the
song writing duo known as The Rembrandts have reunited to
"just hang out and write a few tunes." That they did! 12
songs and 9 months later The Rembrandts are putting the
finishing touches on their fourth-coming album titled "Lost

The Rembrandts, who brought us a string of Top 40 Hits such
as "That's Just The Way It Is, Baby," Johnny Have You Seen
Her?," "This House Is Not A Home" and "I'll Be There For
You (Theme From Friends)" to name a few, commenced
recording More...

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Review about The Rembrandts songs
amazing series | Reviewer: govind gupta
    ------ About the song I'll Be There For You performed by The Rembrandts

what a wonderful series....
i love this show. and most important character is my one of the favourite Mr chandler Bing and Ms pheobe buffay..., all member great work by you guys............

acceptance | Reviewer: Luzzelle
    ------ About the song Someone performed by The Rembrandts

I really like dis song. .xoo much relate :(
Maybe someday,i will find Someone to hold mi,someone to needs mi,someone to show mi how much he love mi..and someone to love mi the way dat i love u :( i will give u tym and space . Hope u will bi hapii in ur lyf dat u choose.. and after all i will bi smiling wen da tym we meet.. and thank u 4 the memories and hurting mi . .i learned xoo much! I accept the truth dat im not SOMEONE dat u nid.

hope it gave | Reviewer: soja
    ------ About the song I'll Be There For You performed by The Rembrandts

it gave me hope and made me laugh with my made my day...thankful to all who created something this brought tears when it ended and still it makes my eyes tear up at the very thought of the serial or when I here the title song or even if I hear any of the characters name....wish for a few more episodes atleast for the die hard fans...for our was life....thank u :)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S | Reviewer: Twinkle
    ------ About the song I'll Be There For You performed by The Rembrandts

Itz an amazing song. i love friends. amazing series. amazing song. who gives a shit if itz contradictory? itz d best neways. almost all engineering students in india have watched dis at hostels.

someone like honey | Reviewer: to encioman
    ------ About the song Someone performed by The Rembrandts

i really love this song. i dedicate this to my honey whom i consider the someone for me. i used to make myself believe that i am strong enough to live without someone beside me. but when i found him i realized how hard it was without him.
thank you for loving me the way you do now honey.and when you happen to read this message this words are only for you.
(With all the years behind me spent pretending
I didn't need someone like you around
It makes it even harder to imagine
The life I'd be livin', if I hadn't found
i always thank God for finding you....i love you...

for him :) | Reviewer: xtinita
    ------ About the song Someone performed by The Rembrandts

this was the song he dedicate for me on our monthsary and he said i listen the music and feeling it like he was the one who sang it. And it felts so good.. I love him so much and by next month we were get married.... I love you tatay :*

i loved him | Reviewer: rebecca
    ------ About the song Someone performed by The Rembrandts

i told him i loved him he told me the same thing he said he would never leave me he said that we would be together for ever then one day he told me goodbye that very second i knew he was a lyer and fake

FRIENDS | Reviewer: Anny
    ------ About the song I'll Be There For You performed by The Rembrandts

friends remind me of my friends. cause all friends are make you happy in your worst day. this show also make my 30 minutes great.and this song is like made for friends.

move on | Reviewer: fleigh
    ------ About the song Someone performed by The Rembrandts

i guess people just cant forget memories spent together with someone they love the most..
but needless to say there's a lot of people lurking around you..
someday if time is right it will come...
though it hurts to let go when you've given almost everything and fought just for it to work out... neither of you has the exact knowledge of the future..
i wanted to hold you everyday of my life.. spend every possible waking moment of my life with you.. i couldn't.. we're not meant to be .. and i know that someday if we'll see each other again i would gladly look at you in your eyes and thank you for letting me find someone who could love me MORE than you could..

i love you...

All about L-O-V-E | Reviewer: paula
    ------ About the song Someone performed by The Rembrandts

This song is wonderful. It makes me think of all the things my man and I went through. He makes me feel like i'm a princess that he'll never let go. I Love him so much... Spread love everyone.. it brings so much happiness..:)

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