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They say freak,
When you're singled out,
The red, well it filters through.

So lay down, the red is real,
When his sight goes red again.
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again.

This change, he won't contain,
Slip away, to clear your mind.
When asked, who made it show,
The truth, he gives in to most.

So lay down, the red is real
When his sight goes red again.

So lay down, the red is real
When his sight goes red again.
So lay down, the red is real
When his sight goes red again.

Seeing red again,
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again,
Seeing red....

They say freak...
When you're singled out.
The red, it filters through...

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The Anger - What Do You Do With It? | Reviewer: Adam Rock | 6/16/14

Sorry if I sound like the person before me, but if anything I agree with her for the most part. The RED. Its what takes over to overcome opression from whatever forces are trying to push you down, and if you just let it continue to push you down you will find yourself detached from life.
If anything, as a Christian, if we can give up the "RED" to God, He can help us control it and communicate better to mankind without lashing out uncontrollably.
Lastly, I don't speak for the song or band because like others have said, I don't think these guys are a Christian band, but I still have respect for them for what they're able to convey in my heart by their lyrics.

The Red | Reviewer: ArielMar | 2/29/12

Hey everyone, I love CHEVELLE. Their songs always speak to me and many of them deal with the good and bad happenings of life. The song The Red is awesome and this is my take on it.

So, we all have the RED that takes over us. If you don't then your just emotionless, no offense intended. The RED filters through us in those times when we see ourselves being oppressed by others or by circumstances. We feel this electrifying emotion stir within us that wants to overcome all enemies, and/or unfortunate circumstances. The RED, is when our inner being gets fired up to survive all challenges,put a stop to our tormentors and accomplish those goals or missions we have sacrificed much for. I hope you all know what I mean, because I know I'm not the only one who's inner RED takes over. - Ariel XD | Reviewer: Kaji | 1/11/12

..definitely not a christian metal band.. "Our faith is still extremely important to us, but it's also very personal. None of us feels being a rock band on stage should be a pedestal for preaching." -Sam..

... | Reviewer: Gdog | 11/23/11

All you guys are hilarious! Lol! But i have to agree this is definately NOT a christian song, really what part of it is christian? I appreciate and love this song for what it is, and that is being pushed and singled out to breaking point... However it is you want to word it. And yes a song can be interpreted differently depending on the person, but its good to post what you think otherwise there will be a bunch of people out there thinking... what on earth does this song mean?

The Red | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/11

this is my opinion.
when they say freak...Jesus seems to be a freak to people
singled out.... believers of Jesus Christ are singled out..

the red filters thru....Christ shows thru those that are in Christ. (Red Letters) in Bible are Christ words..

This change, he won't contain,
Slip away, to clear your mind.
When asked, who made it show,
The truth, he gives in to most

maybe they asked to change? and his mind slipped away to hidden words in his heart from the Bible.
then he was asked , who made it show...Christ...The Truth the Way and the Light is Chirst and he gives in to most if you receive the free gift.

Reviews are great because you can see the minds of others and maybe the hearts.
p.s. I have seen Chevelle on christian music video stations. christians music? well not most christians would see it like that.

Be in the world but not of it.

:) linda

real meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/11

this song is about a person who bottled up all his anger we know as implosive or has anger issues which he cant contain no more due to abuse or verbal abuse, and just want to trash out, yall never saw the music video?

Abuse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/11

It is completely clear the song refers to being bullied
"they say freak
When you're singled out
The red it filters through"

obviously means he is speaking of someone who is teased and red filtering through, in my opinion, is the anger being felt and as the song continues I get an image of someone getting revenge on the ones who are singleing him out...

"so lay down, the threat is real
when his sight, goes red again"

Probably written because of all the shootings in schools because of bullying and teasing.

"This change, he won't contain,
Slip away, to clear your mind.
When asked, who made it show,
The truth, he gives in to most."

This change he want contain meaning he want suffer any longer and slip away to clear your mind, in my opinion means plotting revenge when asked who made it show, the truth, he gives in to most meaning he is blaming his aggressors.

There is no way this song refers to suicide and there is sure as hell no way its referring to a dog. wtf? It is definetly about abuse, mentally though not physically. Which in my opinion is the worst kind.

For all you people fighting with each other over this lol | Reviewer: CT | 2/18/11

Ok, first, i'd like to clear something up in the lyrics. It's not "So lay down, the RED is real" but instead "So lay down, the THREAT is real"

Second, for the argument over the meaning of this song, it can be very opinionated, however i can tell you its reference is NOT Christianity.

(Direct proof of this from the band's perspective, and certainly other people surrounding the band and in the entertainment industry is at 00.27 mins into the video for this song. If you freeze the frame you can see written "STEP 1: Learn to recognize the many faces of anger".)

(The ONLY reference (this is laughable, just had to put this...) this song might have with christianity is "Seeing Red" (if you even count this as having ANY connection with the song lol :P). Seeing red is a short story about Jesus and a guitar? lol didn't read the thing. here's the URL if you want to? )

It refers to some sort of abuse. The abuse may be physical, drug-related or sexual. It is NOT refering to suicide.

(How do I know this? Here: The entire song is directed to the listener alone, so just 'YOU', as if he is talking to you. Proof it's directed to only you: "When HIS sight goes red again". If this was about suicide, it would once again be said as if he was talking to you so "When 'your' sight goes red again", singling you out)

So we've ruled out it's reference to Christianity and suicide.

To "see red" often refers to violence, therefore violent forms of abuse (it has been used in this sense for just over a century, esp. in bull-fighting ~ you know the red cape that the idiot in a suit wears hoping it'll protect him from a horn in his rear: the toreador and his cape (for a more fancy way of saying it))

So in the end, i've concluded that this song makes reference to ONLY abuse, in a form chosen by one's opinion and/or interpretation.

No more arguments about religion or suicide :)

SHUT UP | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/11

Ok so first if you actually watch the video you will see that the song is about anger. They're in an anger management session. The Red is anger ever heard of "Red Out". And just cause there first album was technically on a Christian label the band has said that that was an accident, they don't want to be labeled as a Christian band but don't mind it. And people need to stop labeling music so must, just cause something is "Christian" or not doesn't mean that it isn't good; people need to see music at face value. As purely entertainment.

Violence | Reviewer: ginny kate | 1/28/11

i am a victim of domestic violence on a very violent scale. this song is from a third person singing to the victim about their abuser. it doesnt have anything to do with god at all. just the destructive capability from one human to another

If there IS any "Settling once and for all" here it is: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/11

-There's no sense getting all worked up over a song.
-You can't claim to KNOW what the band had in mind for the meaning.
-They are largely, by far, NOT considered a "Christian band."
-If we are to GUESS (and that's all it will ever be, see and call it as such) anger clearly makes the most sense (especially given the video)
-If you can INTELLIGENTLY and CALMLY debate on the internet, then that's great. It's a great mode of stretching the mind and becoming familiar with other's points of view. If you don't like it, here's a wild concept: Ignore it. Don't HAVE to read it when you see it's heading that direction, don't have to address it.
-For the record, this majority of Christians so many of you speak of are NOT TRUE followers of Christ, the ones who actually live it out (which primarily means LOVE, not Bible thumping, though some legitimate Believers come off that way meaning well; they're concerned about you, not always prideful) are extremely few and ARE singled out, in EVERY culture. You're all doing it RIGHT NOW.

I'm not angry, the caps are for emphasis.

Awesome song awesome lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/11

I think this song is about someone not fitting in and becoming suicidal. Red meaning blood like cuting or killing himself. This change he won't contain being new place new people and every body thinks he is strange

canyounotreadlyrics?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/11

this song is about heroin addicts,seeing red means bloodshot eyes,they say freak when your singled out, talking about heroin addicts, the red well it filters through, blood and syringe. you guys are blind when reading lyrics

Seriously? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/11

Okay you guys, this has nothing to do with Christianity, tell me one reason why it does. I'm pretty sure this song is about getting bullied or singled out, getting made fun of and getting mad. "seeing red" is being mad. Arguing online is pointless because we don't even know each other and were just increasing ignorance. And how the hell did you think this song was about a dog???

Action Awesome Review 5000 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/10

This is definitely a Christian song, in the same way that 'Vicarious' by Tool is a song about being a Buddhist or 'Broken,Beat and Scarred' by Metallica is about being persecuted for being a hardcore Muslim in Iran.

I'd like to add that being Christian is a totally logical choice and not self delusional at all. Also, I'm sick of hearing people say that arguing on the Internet is pointless! It's totally worthwhile because so many people read these posts and totally change their minds about things.

Why, before reading this thread I totally thought that 'The Red' by Chevelle was about a dog.


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