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I wake alone
in a woman's room I hardly know.
I wake alone
and pretend that I am finally home.

The room is littered
with her books and notebooks
I imagine what they say, like,
"Shoo fly don't bother me."
I can hardly get myself out of the bed
for fear of never lying in this bed again.

Oh Christ, I'm not that desperate.
Oh no, oh God. I am.

How'd I end up here to begin with?
I don't know.
Why do I start what I can't finish?
Oh please don't barrage me
with the questions
to all those ugly answers.
My ego's like my stomach,
it keeps shitting what I feed it.

But maybe I don't want to finish anything anymore.
Maybe I can wait in bed 'til she comes home
and whispers,
"You're in my web now,
I've come to wrap you up tight
'til it's time to bite down."

I wake alone
in a woman's room I hardly know.
I wake alone
and pretend that I am finally home.

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Loners and Spiders | Reviewer: Jason | 4/4/13

A GREAT song. Has stuck with me over the years. The brilliant lyrics have to do with The Brown Recluse, a spider, (or femme fatale) and a fly (a loner) meeting. The loner is stuck in the web and doesn't want to leave. The bed is a web. By getting into this relationship, they know how it will end.

very beautiful song | Reviewer: jerald | 5/5/11

this ones easy its basically like this guy meets girl and they have a fling. Now he's lying in her bed and feels god I really like this girl then he thinks she probably doesn't really want me "shoo fly don't bother me" and then feels like hes desperate. Then wonders what if I hang around will she want me eventually then use me and spit me out? "I've come to wrap you up tight till it's time to bite down"

?? | Reviewer: Joey | 8/29/09

This song isn't about religion, this album isn't about religion. When asked in an interview they stated they wanted to move away from interpersonal songs and talk about social issues that bother them, such as religious hypocrisy and politics.

favorite song | Reviewer: ashleyy | 8/6/09

this song's absolutely incredible. it describes everything i've been feeling lately, i've been with my boyfriend for a year and lately i don't even know him anymore. i lay in his bed wondering if it's the last time i ever will, because we're just falling apart. at times i find myself willing to do anything to stay with him, to stay in that room, to stay in his life but the longer i stay the more i loose of myself. it's that insecurity of not knowing what will happen, what you want, or even what's good for you. and through it all you're just alone. cursive puts every emotion of mine into the words i can't put together myself. he has humor in his music and at the same time his work is personal, honest, and human.

love this | Reviewer: jkg | 4/22/09

cursive has pulled me through so much sh*t. seriously. sometimes music is all i need to get me to tomorrow. i can't wait to see tim kasher live this week!

this song isn't about faith or religion for me, not at all.

the good life is kashers other band which is equally good, just a different kinda wonderful.

whoah there D: | Reviewer: maisie | 9/28/08

i could listen to this song over and over and over and over and over.
and over..
cursive is so great.

and now off topic:
"dont listen to death cab for cutie"
they are a great band, regardless of whether or not they have "ruined their reputations".

and that list of related bands is a good one.
I APPROVE!! haha

ZOMG! | Reviewer: dan | 7/8/08

I think that every cursive song is brilliant and i just wonder why cursive aren't as big as kaiser cheifs or some of the other indie bands. In my opinion i think cursive should be numbered on most of the indie charts. I had never even heard of cursive before but i decided to go and browse on myspace for a few bands and listen to a couple of their songs. I listened and loved them straight away so i went and bought "happy hollow". This was and still is the best album i have ever bought. I decided to send the songs to my friends and now alot more people are getting the craving for cursive.

meaning of album | Reviewer: rawrrr | 10/25/07

actually, I've heard it's about his divorce. if you listen to the song Sierra, it talks all about it. Maybe it's just that song though, but I'm practicly in love with this album.

boy | Reviewer: tei | 8/23/07

I dated a boy and this song was his alarm clock. I miss him sometimes and I listen to this track.

lol.. | Reviewer: Morgan | 6/18/07

Whoa... no need to get all defensive and rude. This is a review section... for reviews of the song.Stick to that and you'll be just fine.

Anyway, this is a wonderful song. One of those that gives you that strange feeling in your stomach that you just love but you can't really point out why it's there or what it means. Love it.

UMMMM | Reviewer: Jordan | 5/14/07

First off, this song is off of the Ugly Organ. Second, don't listen to stars or death cab for cutie. They have both ruined their reputations as a part of the indie "super team".

The ugly organ is about religion and struggeling with faith.

Best Review Ever For the Best Song Ever | Reviewer: Capn Jasbo | 11/19/06

Cursive is one of the best Indie bands the world has to offer. This song, The Recluse, was on their earlier released album, Ulgy Organist, when the band still had their chello. With lyrics that inspire a wonderfully varied amount of emotions, this song gets a 9 out of 10. The music video for this song involves a man and his sexual interactions with a vampire.

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