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It's Maine...
And it's Autumn
The birches have just begun turning
It's life and it's dying
The lobstermen's boats come returning
With the catch of the day in their holds
and the young boys cold and complaining
The fog meets the beaches and out on
the Reach it is raining --

It's father and son
It's the way it's been done since the old days
It's hauling by hand ten miles out
from the land where their chow waits
And the days are all lonely and long
and seas grow so stormy and strong but
The Reach will sing welcome as homeward
they hurry along.

And the morning will blow away
As the waves crash and fall
And the Reach like a siren sings
as she beckons and calls
As the coastline recedes from view
And the seas swell and roll
I will take from the Reach
all that she has to teach
To the depths of my soul --

The wind brings a chill
There's a frost on the sill in the morning
It creeps through the door
On the edge of the shore
ice is forming
Soon the northers will bluster and blow
And the woods will be whitened
with snowfall
And the Reach will lie frozen
for the lost and unchosen to row --

And the morning will blow away
As the waves crash and fall
And the Reach like a siren sings
as she beckons and calls
As the coastline recedes from view
And the seas swell and roll
I will take from the Reach
all that she has to teach
To the depths of my soul --

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Miss you and your amazing gift to the world | Reviewer: Trish | 9/1/14

I was SOOOO lucky enough to meet one of my FAVORITE artists, Dan Fogelberg, in the early 80's after one of his concerts in Massachusetts at his party after the concert. My husband and I were so awe struck with his performance all I could tell him was how much I LOVED his music and gift to the world. My husbands birth home was Maine, and mine was Massachusetts. We moved back to Maine in 88' to raise our family in Boothbay harbor where my husband was born. "The Reach" holds very powerful memories and emotions for both of us and will forever be our bond with Dan. My husband passed 4 years ago unexpectedly,at a young age, but I will continue to visit "the Reach" for both of them <3.

What a song, what a nice man! | Reviewer: bob | 8/29/14

I met Dan on a charter flight from LA to Monterey where he had a home. We were the only 2 people on the plane aside from the pilots. I knew who he was and there were no Aires about him at all. A truly nice person. He told me how much he loved Maine and his song The Reach. I will always treasure meeting him and The Reach is my favorite song by him. The music alone is incredibly moving and when combined with those beautiful as a picture lyrics, I miss him dearly! God bless!

As good as it gets! I miss Dan! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/14

This song is the most complete combination of words and music ever written. If you only had the words in a poem or if you only heard the music without the words, you can feel the Maine coastline in Autumn. If you have both and close your eyes, it is a six minute and thirty five second vacation and you don't want to return home.

A Soul's Journey Home | Reviewer: Dean K Miller | 5/1/14

To those of us who are called by the sea, we shall always hear her song, no matter where we are. Dan's song "The Reach" helps keep us near her when we can't be together.

My Home | Reviewer: RoseMarie Pert Roberts | 11/1/12

Eggemoggin Reach, is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The view from atop Caterpillar Hill in Sedgwick is breath taking, and moving away from my beloved Reach made me so home sick.

I remember the 1st time I heard the song, I did not know it's name or who was singing it, but, I knew it was about my home. I cry every time I hear it. Dan was a wonderful kind man, I spoke to him many times in the small store in Sargentville, not know who he was until after his death. Sail on Dan, you and the rReach are now one!

Dan s longtime legacy | Reviewer: Joe DiSantis | 9/18/12

Has always been 1 of my favorites and love so many types of music styles.Basically...anything beautiful to my ear no matter the language or culture.....I ll appreciate.Dan was a musical visionary and his description to detail in telling a story brings you there immediately.Dan had a gift like few others and his songs will forever inspire far more than the likes of me.The depth of feeling and life s passion from this man is forever with us although Dan has moved on to a wonderful Paradise I am sure.Dan has left the world with a wonderful legacy of beautiful songs and music that will live with future generations to come.

Takes you right there... | Reviewer: Dana | 5/6/12

I too miss Dan... Most love his early albums that were so incredibly moving emotionally.... He was so able to paint a picture so your mind could transport you to the place or feeling he depicted in his words ... As others have said... A musical artist in every aspect of the word.... The Reach iis about my fav of his... Also love The Last Nail.....amongst many others...

MasterPiece | Reviewer: Ray Brown | 9/28/11

This is actually my all time favorite song...I don't know why it was such an obscure song for Dan Fogelberg.. I saw him perform it live twice..The crowd was mesmorized by it...More so than any of his other tunes... U just didn't want it to end.. Kinda puts u in this cool meditative state......Thank u Dan!!

The Reach | Reviewer: D. Commins | 1/30/10

I just purchased two of Dan's albums "The Essential Dan Fogelberg" and "The Innocent Age".
I'm not sure why The Reach isn't on The Essential album but it should be. The Reach is a beautiful, haunting song that brings even the most ardent landlubber to sea and back. Fair winds and Following Seas Dan.

Places dreamed of | Reviewer: kathi | 12/22/09

Dan Fogelberg has always been one of my favorite singers. My daughter bought me The Innocent Age CD. The whole CD takes me back to my twenties, so long ago.But the best song on That Cd is The reach. A beautiful haunting song about a place I've always wanted to visit. His music will be sorely missed. Thanks for the great memories.

Love the song, love the man | Reviewer: Casey | 1/2/08

Dan Fogelberg has been one of my favorite artists for many years, and "The Reach" is one of my favorite songs. He was more than a singer...he was a great poet, able to conjure visions and elicit feelings with his words. He will be sorely missed.

To the depths of my soul | Reviewer: Jan | 12/20/07

I will take the music of Dan Fogelberg to the depths of my soul. You can almost view the picture that his words describe. This is one of my favorite songs that he wrote and his passing is of great regret. He is truly a legacy to our generation and will be greatly missed.

A native proud of the heritage | Reviewer: Dave C. | 12/8/07

There's something to be said for a song that describes vividly a time and place that can be envisioned in ones mind and imagination even though that person may never have been anywhere near that place and time. But where I live and call home, I know the work ethic of the people in Dan's song is within all of us. I haven't heard this song in about 20 years or so, and to this day it brings a tear to my eye when I listen to it. I've never fished, but I feel like I'm on the boat, setting the traps and pulling the lines. Truth be told, this song is so special to me that I wish the Maine State Legislature would honor it by naming "The Reach" Maine's state song.

Underestimated | Reviewer: maribel | 10/3/07

What a BEAUTIFUL song. I think of this song as an epic story...he paints an amazing picture. This man is so talented, he puts you right there in the spray.

my childhood | Reviewer: Jeffrey Weed | 4/27/07

this song is dear to me cause i was the one of the many boys with his dad on The Reach Lobster fishing and clam digging, The reach is a stretch of water parralling the maine land and Deer Island.the song is a true depiction of the way it was and brings back tears of joy remembering me and Dad out there many a day.nice weather and bad.Dan lived near buy and i never new for a long time but when i did I came to find many a song where inspired and written from his summers on the maine coast. I am proud to say my child hood home also. and still spend vacation time there and Boating on the Reach!!!

thank you
Jeffrey Weed

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