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On a cold winter day nine years ago The Rasmus, (now one of
Finland’s most respected bands), stepped on stage for the
first time at their high school in the Finnish capital
Helsinki. Never did these guys expect that nearly ten years
later they would be receiving several gold and platinum
records as well as several Finnish Grammy awards and a
following of tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans.


At the sprouting age of sixteen, they reached their goals
quickly and their dreams of rock stardom become a reality.
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Review about The Rasmus songs
08/28/2014 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sail Away performed by The Rasmus

I dont comment a lot on the internet about random things, but I do comment on music I like, and this song deserves one. Sail away is, to me, the saddest and yet sweetest song of The Rasmus. Topped with Lauri's melancholic high voice, is just beyond words. The chorus really wins me over the most. Typing all this while listening to the acoustic version of the song minutes to midnight really takes my mind soaring up to the dark sky. You are so blessed with your vocal and song writing abilities, Lauri! :)

The Rasmus | Reviewer: Damian hawley
    ------ About the song Help Me Sing performed by The Rasmus

There's a song ' the Rasmus ' did, with the lyrics or some of the lyrics " what do you want from me...." In the video it's when the boyfriend is singing to his girlfriend what do you want from me " after a row.... Please help, can't find it..!!

After meaning to for ages... | Reviewer: Homeless Snail
    ------ About the song Dancer In The Dark performed by The Rasmus

I just watched the film. I knew about the songs origins years ago and have loved it for as long, BUT I finally watched the film the film by the same name.
This song is perfect and fits in well with the premise of the movie.
The Rasmus should visit NZ (even Bjork has...); Jane and Rach it's nice to recognize other NZ fans! :D

Oh Yes You Do! | Reviewer: Windswept
    ------ About the song Guilty performed by The Rasmus

This song is one of the all-time greats - not only by the Rasmus but by anyone! It quietly grabs your attention in the first few bars, then whisks you along on a radical ride at breakneck speed!
All the time, you feel for the poor guy, who is guilty and empty; we have all felt that combination at some time in our love lives, so you know you want to listen to this again and again.
Beautifully crafted, played with huge enthusiasm, and sung directly to you, the listener - what more could any listener wish for?

One Of Those Songs That Touch Your Heart | Reviewer: Jordan Supik
    ------ About the song October & april performed by The Rasmus

This song is one of those that you can relate to. I know because I can. The two voices together are like magic that God has sent down. I love the song and the soft melody makes this a BEAUTIFUL song. I loved it from the start.

awesome song | Reviewer: mahsavar
    ------ About the song Not Like The Other Girls performed by The Rasmus

i love this song.once i wanted to dedicate it to someone then i found out that i don't love her this much.if onetime i found someone that i love her insanely,i would dedicate this song to her.

epic | Reviewer: harry
    ------ About the song Lucifer's Angel performed by The Rasmus

i love how this song describes perfectly how it feels to be ostriscized for things you may or may not have done, how you look, or what you say(pardon any inncorrect spelling), and how the fears of such leads to running away ("Fly away, fly away, From the torch of blame They hunt you, The Lucifer's Angel. Never lived, never died Your life has been denied, They call you, Lucifer's Angel.
"). it shows how things shouldnt be taken at face value, because everyone hides their terrors at some point, somehow ("Behind those eyes lies the truth and grief...
Behind those beautiful smiles I've seen tragedy...
The flawless skin hides the secrets within...
Silent forces that secretly ignite your sins.")
i dont know if theres a way to stop such, but i like how this song brings a subconcious awareness to the fact. also, if anyone has a more complete meaning to this song, please share.

love this song | Reviewer: anon
    ------ About the song Lucifer's Angel performed by The Rasmus

It fits a couple of my story characters SO well! :D I love it, if you actually know what the song is talking about it's great. if your'e a dumbass like sonofgod who doesn't get the lyrics AT all, i feel very truly sorry for your pathetic lack of an existance. get a life.

I Hope | Reviewer: Ario
    ------ About the song Keep Your Heart Broken performed by The Rasmus

My GF went Abroad(but I cant Go )we Are Keep in toch now.
I make Her to listen to this music and She Promiss me.I promised her I'd always write and come home in December. And i'd come back to her if she was still waiting.
I Hope one Day I can Kiss Her Again...
And See her :(((

Me? | Reviewer: a19m92s
    ------ About the song Justify performed by The Rasmus

I lived this song. Literally. Listening to it makes me remember, reading the lyrics brings me back. 3 years, and that relationship still bothers me because it didn't work out. I took 2 years to find myself for the same reason, not to ruin someone else. Thank you The Rasmus for writing songs I can relate to. Even if it's difficult to go back, this song makes it a bit easier : )

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