The Rasmus Albums

  • The Rasmus Album (4/18/2012)
    I'm A Mess
    It's Your Night
    Save Me Once Again
    Someone's Gonna Light You Up
    End Of The Story
    You Don't See Me
    Friends Don't Do Like That
    Bonus Track

  • Black Roses Album (9/1/2008)
    Livin' In A World Without You
    Ten Black Roses
    Ghost Of Love
    Your Forgiveness
    Run To You
    You Got It Wrong
    Lost And Lonely
    The Fight
    Dangerous Kind
    Live Forever
    Bonus Track
    Yesterday You Threw Away Tomorrow

  • Hide From The Sun Album (9/13/2005)
    Night After Night (Out Of The Shadows)
    No Fear
    Lucifer's Angel
    Last Generation
    Dead Promises
    Sail Away
    Keep Your Heart Broken
    Heart Of Misery
    Don't Let Go
    Open My Eyes
    Dancer In The Dark

  • Dead Letters Album (3/21/2003)
    First Day Of My Life
    In The Shadows
    Still Standing
    In My Life
    Time To Burn
    Not Like The Other Girls
    The One I Love
    Back In The Picture
    Funeral Song
    Bonus Track
    If You Ever
    What Ever
    Everything You Say

  • Into Album (10/29/2001)
  • Hell Of A Tester Album (11/2/1998)
  • Playboy Album (8/29/1997)
  • Peep Album (9/1/1996)

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    Reviews about The Rasmus albums
    Dead Letters | Reviewer: charlotte
        ------ About the album Dead Letters performed by The Rasmus

    i absolutely love the rasmus. i have the dead letters album, i just cant get enough of it! i wish i had all of the albums. that would be a dream come true!my favourite song on the dead letters album has got to time to burn because of the amazing introduction!

    THE BEST | Reviewer: Rania
        ------ About the album Dead Letter performed by The Rasmus

    I love this album and all their other albums! especially the lyrics, it always remind me of someone I knew .. I looked forward to their new album, but when I knew this group had finished, I was really shocked! we miss you!

    Simply Amazing | Reviewer: Frieda
        ------ About the album Dead Letter performed by The Rasmus

    The Rasmus is my favorite band EVER! This ablum simply rocks. There are not words for how great it is. *Bows in greatness*
    "Never lived, you never died,
    you're life is being denied,
    They call you,
    Lucifer's Angel"
    Hearts hearts hearts.

    The best. | Reviewer: Kirse
        ------ About the album Hide From The Sun performed by The Rasmus

    I think of all I prefer this album. It's amazing and it doesn't contain one bad song. Well, now I come to think about it, neither does any of their other albums xD But, I love it, it's magnificient, beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.
    Lauri's voice will never stop hitting me right in the heart,

    Wow! | Reviewer: Laura Pupic
        ------ About the album Hide From The Sun performed by The Rasmus

    The first few times, I didn't really like some of the songs on the album, but after I listened to them, I become more and more addicted to the them thus leaving me enthralled with the album.

    into | Reviewer: yady
        ------ About the album Into performed by The Rasmus

    well into is one of my favorites cd´s
    i love the song last waltz, it's one of the best

    The most proffesional album | Reviewer: Gintare
        ------ About the album Hide From The Sun performed by The Rasmus

    I think, this album HIDE FROM THE SUN is the most proffesional of all THE RASMUS albums. There music is darker and harder than DEAD LETTERS. I think, the best songs are No Fear (and video too), keep your heart broken (there is very beautiful melancholic sounds), trigger (bonus track) (it's very good, because you can't remember melody from first, or mabye even from second or third time) and so on, and so forth...all album is exiting and vrey, very, very, very good!!!

    dead letters rock | Reviewer: andrea
        ------ About the album Dead Letter performed by The Rasmus

    i love all the songs on the album especially first day of my life still standing and funeral song this album rocks 100/10

    Darkened "Hide From the Sun" | Reviewer: Jeankee
        ------ About the album Hide From The Sun performed by The Rasmus

    This album has a lot of power. It's darker and more developed than the previous one "Dead Letters". What is so great about this album is the combination of good lyrics and good music in the background. Dead Promises and Immortal seem to be the best songs, since they are complicated and keep the concept of darkness in the album. Also, Lucifer's Angel and No Fear are contained with very well written lyrics that are catchy and profound. Sail Away is a good song as well. It's a ballad basically, but although the music in it differs from the rest of the album is perfectly made. Keep Your Heart Broken rythm is sad and melancholic. Good for dramma lover and Don't Let Go follows that principle to give a very thoughtful closing for the record. Shot is the most commercial song, but it's also great and keep the concept of the album though it falls on pop-like rythms. To sum up (Though I ommited some songs), Hide From The Sun is so much better than Dead Letters, for it's darkened concept

    The Rasmus Rock | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Hide From The Sun performed by The Rasmus

    Songs that will stay with you forever haunt this album. Catchy and amazing lyrics!!! Lauri Ylonen and the guys have matured their song writing. I love it so much i can't stop listening to it!!!!

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