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The Ranch Biography

Last updated: 10/28/2012 12:39:36 PM

Keith Urban, with his Australian bandmate Peter Clarke, a drummer, formed the three-piece band The Ranch. Their original bass player soon returned to Australia, but West Virginian Jerry Flowers quickly fit in as their new bass player. Their live shows featuring Keith's hot lead guitar playing led to a record deal with Capitol Nashville and a management contract with I.R.S. Records founder/The Police manager Miles Copeland, and their debut album, The Ranch, was released to critical acclaim in 1997. The Ranch, broke up when Keith developed a severe throat infection and he had to rest his hemorrhaged vocal cords for months. Through their time as a band, they created hits such as "Some Days You Gotta Dance" and "Walkin' the Country"

Not much is known about the band, but another great artist to look for is the lead singer KEITH URBAN.

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