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FORMED: 1974, New York, NY

Ramones is group from Forest Hills, New York. They started to play as trio in March 1974. Ritchie was replaced soon by Dee Dee Joey was at first drummer, but four months later manager Tommy become a drummer and let Joey sing. All Ramones take Ramone for surname. These original members were singer: Joey Ramone , lead guitar:Johnny Ramone, Basist: Dee Dee Ramone and drummer: Tommy Ramone. They got their first attention on the New York rockscene in August 1974. They got rousing approval from audiences in CBGB in the Manhattan Bowery district. Ramones played many times in CBGB and too all around N.Y.

Sire Records signed them in late 1975. Their first TV appearance was in Radio City Studios in N.Y 1975 and their debut LP, Ramones, came out in early 1976. This music was really fresh and vibrant. Ramones was invited punk. Their concerts included a summer visit to London. They saw there Damned and Clash in fourth of july. Clash was began in that day and Damned before in that week. Sex Pistols had started before, but they took the music be based on Ramones sound.

慉ll the better-known punk groups that followed - The Sex Pistols, The Clash, whoever - they would be the first ones to say that without The Ramones the whole punk movement never would have happened,?has commented Spin magazine editor-in-chief Alan Light.

Second album Leave Home released early in 1977. They came after this for example, to my homecounry Finland in May. They played in Helsinki and Tampere. From Finland they went to England. They released Rocket To Russia in late 1977. Tommy left from the band in May 78 but remains producer. Marc Bell from Richard's Hells Voivods replaced Tommy. Road To Ruin released in 78. They recorded legendary live album It's Alive at London's Rainbow Theatre at new year's eve 31.12.77.

They featured in Rock'N'Roll Highschool-film. End Of The Century in 1980. It recorded in 5 different studios. This diverged from the group 70' releases. 1981 they released Pleasent Dreams it was return to basics. Subterranean Jungle 1983 received strong support from critics. Several of whom compared it favourably with the best of group early work. Joey and Johnny were health problems and Marky leaves the group and is replaced by Richard Beau ex-Velveteen. They went to do complete Too Tough To Die 1984.

Animal Boy 1986, song-Bonzo Goes To Bitburg is a reference to a controversial visit by President Ronald Reagan to a nazi war grave. Halfway To Sanity released 1987. Collection album Ramonesmania released 1988, in this album were 30 song and something of each before released albums. By then Richie departed and Marky came back to drums. Brain Drain released 1989 and Pet Sematary had title track for Stephen King Film. Dee Dee leaves group to become rap performer Dee Dee King. His replacement had young Christopher Ward. Ramones is his first big band.

Sire released All The Stuff (And More) Vol.1 which compilated albums Ramones and Leave Home with 2 demo tracks and 1 other. These 3 tracks are previously unreleased tracks. All The Stuff (And More) Vol.2 compilated Rocket To Russia and Road To Ruin with 3 previously unreleased track. Loco Live is second live album from Ramones. It was recorded in Barcelona. 1992 released Mondo Bizarro contain Doors-cover Take It As It Comes. Ramones appears too in cartoon-program The Simpsons. They done more cover tracks and finally the whole albun Acid Eaters. Pete Townshend, Sebastian Bach and Traci Lords appears in this album. Album named Adios Amigos came out in summer 1995. That album was really strong performance from the Ramones and latest Studio Album. Year 1996 was very busy and they got much famous and they released Greatest Hits Live, which featured too studio tracks R.A.M.O.N.E.S and Any Way You Want It.

Last gig was in Los Angeles, The Palace, 6.8.96. Later now Marky has new bands called Marky Ramone And Intruders and Marky Ramone Group, CJ had Los Gusanos (split-up 2000), after CJ started Warm Jets. Also guys played on Remains/Ramainz. At first line-up was Dee Dee Ramone, CJ Ramone, Marky Ramone and Dee Dee's new wife Barbara Zambini. Dee Dee has released many solo albums and also Joey planned to release album, but then he passed away and ...

It happened April 15th, 2001. Joey Ramone passed away afternoon 2.40PM in a hospital in New York City where he was many weeks being treated for cancer. Arturo Vega wrote to me that Joey's loving family was there at his bedside. On his last moments Joey listened U2-song: In A Little While.

The Ramones were later hailed as 慣he Beatles of punk rock?for defining punk before punk took off. Ramones is in Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. 2002 was for Ramones first year of eligibility. The 17th annual Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City on March 18, 2002.

In 2002 Deedee Ramone died and The bassist for the Ramones was soon replaced by Edgar Ramone , one of the best bass players in the world, know for his beats and bass slaps , marky and Johnny agreed to let him Join with his "favorite band in the world" as he said in the interview with carson Daily. Even though he hated the idea that DeeDee was going to be replaced .. playing THe RAmones would be such an honor. You can hear hi with bass on the New Ramones tribute CD with awesome Rock stars playing Ramones songs.

"Deedee will always live. And he can never be replaced. NEVER!"
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Ramones were awesome! | Reviewer: SecretSquirrel | 7/12/14

I am sorry that the last original member has died. This was a great band. At least two of the Ramones died of cancer. 62 is a young age to die. Their music lives on. Btw, I love Sedated!

mark ramone | Reviewer: melissa couch | 10/27/13

i love all of you ramone you guys really are the Best band in
the in tire woulrd i love the ramone mucise it is the best
iever L linesed to and thats mark ramone for been in the Band the

bad ass fucking band | Reviewer: Alexx Stahl | 11/6/12

The ramones are fucking awesome anyone that says they suck obviously doesnt know great music i wish it was still the 80s man i would have loved to see them too bad i wasnt even born until the 90s, damn it!!

Sedated | Reviewer: Ronnie Ramone | 1/7/12

Man first time I heard sedated I'm like who are these are these guys. Being in my 40tys I'm wondering where was I way back when -I like all. Kinds of music from 60s 70s 80s But the Ramones CHANGED my life.. THANK guys. MY only regret is Ill never see em. Ronnie Ramone

RAMONES!!!!! | Reviewer: Olivia | 1/1/08

I love the ramones more than anything in the world, and i believe that by having a bio here for them you are only proving me even more correct when i say that they are the best band ever.. EVER!

Great | Reviewer: Courtney | 5/13/07


Best F'ing band ever | Reviewer: Dan Stuart | 4/26/05

The ramones are the best band ever. plain and simple.

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