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In Flames The Quiet Place Lyrics

Last updated: 12/27/2010 10:00:00 AM

Spinning further deeper
I know you're out to try me
I'm not in this to be a slave
I push the dirt
Make me feel
Locate what swallows life
Night bird you build my world

And then I close my eyes
And then I close my eyes

Judge me now
Used to be afraid to let it show, bow down
good king in my own mind
Everything is in place
So much brighter from today

Drown the monster
Make all bad dreams go away
Whatever it takes to keep your hands free
Open scars
My Quiet Place
All the bridges fall to the ground,
and you say you sacrificed

And then I close my eyes
And then I close my eyes

Judge me now,
Used to be afraid to let it show, bow down, bow down
A king, in my own mind
Everything is in place
So much brighter from today
A king in my own mind

Judge me now
A king in my own mind
Judge me now
A king in my own mind

Judge me now
Used to be afraid to let it show, bow down (bow down)
A king, in my own mind.
Everything is in place
So much brighter from today
A king in my own mind...

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Love it | Reviewer: h4v0c | 12/27/10

Beautiful song I've loved it for a few years now - What I love more is how everyone gets slightly similar yet different point of views of the meaning of the song.

I've spoken to people who see it as a tribute to people being walked on and deciding to not be tred on anymore. Others saying it means things such as above .. can't be made to be less stay strong etc..

This is why I love music

my quiet place | Reviewer: Kaze | 9/30/10

This is one of my favorites lyrics wise, and is my favorite song on Soundtrack. "Judge me now,
Used to be afraid to let it show, bow down, bow down
A king, in my own mind"
I love the chorus and all the techno sounds they put in it. This is basically trying to say "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. awesome.

Bawls | Reviewer: Mr McBrutal | 8/28/09

I can't stop listening to this song. It's on repeat in my car all the time... cause it's a masterpiece. Its intricate with different sounds, the lyrics are freakin tight, the guitar is all "whoa" n stuff. Like... shat. In Flames blew my mind in half with this.

One of my favorite songs | Reviewer: Nick | 4/17/09

The song means that no one can make you feel like less than you are for you are always a king in your own mind. They can push you down, judge you or say wat they want. You are always a king in your own mind.

Very good. | Reviewer: Simoneer | 2/15/09

Definitely one of my favorite songs ever. I love the digital sounds thrown in there. Fits so well.

In Flames is, and will probably remain my favorite band of all. I used to dislike their old music, but I just started to listen to it again... and what the hell was I on?! Their older music is great as well, not only their newer music. Hell no.

*Listens to Whoracle*

pretty fuckin standard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/08

i still think most of the song are better than the new ones, because in "Soundtrack to Your Escape" theres ALOT of synth, i still think they do good with it, but without a doubt if you want some bad ass guitar playing "Colony" and "Clayman" are the way to go.

P.S. In Flames is w/o a doubt my favorite metal band, i'll always stay a fan.

review from mike | Reviewer: Mike | 12/16/08

This is the second Inflames song that i've heard and i really like it. I think the songs about overcoming humiliation and having ambition.
'I know you're out to try me' would suggest someone testing him for something. 'i'm not in this to be a slave' shows he wants to fight back at whatever that is. The chorus is arguably him after gathering some self belief and no longer afraid to express it.

meaning? | Reviewer: Raven | 11/17/08

I think this song means different things to different people. I think its about a struggle inside that he has "Drown the monsterMake all bad dreams go awayWhatever it takes to keep your hands free Open scarsThe quiet placeAll the bridges fall to the ground". But I think everyone should form their own opinion. As a musciab, I have came to find that most people don't even know what the song is about or care to listen to it. And that everyone has a different take from this song. So don't come on here and rag on in flames, if you don't like it, don't listen. Its a pretty simple concept.

good | Reviewer: paul | 8/26/08

I think this song is about your actions and the repercussions they have. For example, if you do something wrong, in front of no one but yourself, you are okay. no repercussions. If you mess up in front of people or your parents, then that emotion that follows you. I think that is what he is tapping into with this song. which would mean, the quite place, is the place where none of this would take place.

Good king in my own mind, would be the symbol of him releasing the emotion of feeling down, which he explains,"spinning further deeper" like people forcing him down like society does to you. A good king, would be society boasting you, to make you feel good, like a king.

passive vs aggressive
night vs day
open-minded vs judgmental
non- egotistical vs egotistical

he is showing the contrast between feeling down because of other people, and then feeling up because of yourself. Melody and heavy. Melodic Death Metal. two opposites, on the same spectrum. Love and Hate. Happy and Angry. Same emotion, different ends of the spectrum.

I mean of course this song could mean something else to any one else, however, what inspires in flames is their ability to take an idea and either:

A) Run with the idea and drive it into your head at full force with an aggressive song like "eraser" and tail off with beautiful bridge's and solo's to ease their force. but jump right back in and drive it into your brain.
B) Show the contrast between thinking one way, when aggressive they usually have quite a heavy instrumentals in the background, and then tail it off with passive open melodic rifts.

Pay attention to each and every single one of their songs intro's, it pretty much sums up the entire song without using any words. other than the occasional ballad they start off the song with a HEAVY rift that sums up what is going to be aggressive, and tail off with the melodic part. Then they increase the length of time each one runs for, and spice up each death metal rift, and each melodic rift.

A song like Coerced Coexistence the optimism would be,

I'll take you on a ride
as a part-owner to my pain

extremely brief, and not very optimistic, however still fits the formula, however, the melodic that follows after he says it explains why the optimism of the song might lyrically be short, but the instruments that follow it, explain why.

The trick I find is, pay attention to what he is saying, and then as soon as he stops saying what he is saying, keep going with it, don't stop listening, just because the instruments are doing the talking, that is when the real message of the songs are revealed, not while the lyrics are being sung, you can pin point each and every individual line, as though it was written like this and not as a paragraph. This is wrong though, and leads to confusion. You read the song as a paragraph, and listen to how he is reading it to you. The parts where he stops reading is when he is actually speaking to you. Its all about the rhetoric.

Omfg... | Reviewer: Brandon | 8/5/08

i own all of In Flames albums, this is one of there best songs, along with Alias, Pinball map, My Sweet Shadow, In flames DESERVES a spot in history as one of the best melodic death metal bands of all fucking time.