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The nucleus for the Psychedelic furs grew five years ago
(’76), with three brothers, Richard, Tim and Simon Butler.
They rehearsed in Richard’s front room and it was a very
casual affair, with Richard and Simon on guitar and Tim on
bass. This line-up, with a friend on drums, made their
first live appearance at a friend’s party under the name
RKO, derived from the film company of the same name. At the
party the guests didn’t’ seem to understand RKO as they ran
through cover versions of songs. The drummer seemed to be
on a different More...

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Review about The Psychedelic Furs songs
Gosspel? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Ghost In You performed by The Psychedelic Furs

What are you talkin' about Alexandra? The Ghost In You isn't a religious song or whatever. Just talk about the ghost that love is, love does not exist in a earthly plane, you know?, love just exists in an internal plane, where you can't take control of it, from there, love controls you.

CBS should'a waited. | Reviewer: silversleevesX
    ------ About the song House performed by The Psychedelic Furs

It' s undoubtedly one of the PFurs' best songs, yet it doesn't appear on the US version of "All Of This And Nothing," released (on vinyl) the same year. IMO, Columbia Records should have waited for "Book Of Days" to chart before firming up the track list for AOTAN.

A few years back, when I was in a strange mood, I thought the refrain/chorus, slightly altered, might make good background music for a TV or radio coffee advertisement. I leave it to the reader to guess which brand of coffee. :)


My second installment of previous review for "The Ghost in You" | Reviewer: Mytyl Alexandra Wilson
    ------ About the song The Ghost In You performed by The Psychedelic Furs

Quickie thing I wanna add is this about my frustration of not being able to GIVE Jesus away nor TAKE in homeless folk freely out of love: I, myself, did NOT require being RAPED to accept Jesus like some dudes seem to insist upon. It's like, "Unless you let me do some really CREEPY-CRUEL thing to you, Mytyl, then you NEVER swear, raise your voice, scratch me in self-defense, forgive me IN THE ACT of treachery, then let me go free, then no, I WON'T take Jesus as Saviour!" But, like, dude! All it took for ME to take Jesus as Saviour was the hope of reversing the Fall - even of ANGELS who FELL LIKE RAIN, ya' know?!! Love, Mytyl

Can't take in New Jersey homeless in winter after Sandy now! | Reviewer: Mytyl Alexandra Wilson
    ------ About the song The Ghost In You performed by The Psychedelic Furs

You should walk at least a moon in a man's moccasins before you dare try to judge him, so that's the first line here covered in Psychadelic Furs' "The Ghost in You." And I used to misinterpret the heavily-accented word "she don't FADE" as "She don't FIGHT" because of that first line, encouraging listeners to, with wisdom and humility, turn the other cheek endlessly. A one such as I finds herself having been raped repeatedly (even by a police cop's son, having been cruelly forced into his vehicle by a crooked so-called Christian elected official mother), yet I turned the other cheek, loved the rapist as if he were Jesus Himself instead somehow, so the man got saved "born again," and back then I never cussed, scratched, whatever. The Holy Ghost in me turned the other cheek, He did not FIGHT. But now that woman-mother of mine admits to having mental illness though I have NONE. And the cuss habit that developed over the years when long-suffering was just too long seems, strangely, to have "elevated" me to the status of bearing "sanity" in an unbearably hideous Fallen Earth state. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Time was when I'd run away for my life and get called "insane" for it, but at last my mama attempted to murder someone ELSE'S kid insteada ME. But I stopped it in a way mom couldn't get arrested, so after all these years, Wisconsin police requested I RUN AWAY, first time ever at POLICE request. Now, no longer fearing brute homelessness in New Jersey, there's been fuss over homeless New Jerseyians, but I ain't found no one to come in to stay even when I invited homeless folk to walk in and stay with ME. Love, yiu can't GIVE it away. Guess ya gotta be raped by someone before they accept Jesus or something!

HOUSE...This song is great | Reviewer: TED
    ------ About the song House performed by The Psychedelic Furs

This song is great and overlooked for the most part. I am going to request this on local radio stations and also call about putting this into the rotation on First Wave radio on Sirius. I want this song to be out there in the spin.

OMG! THANK YOU | Reviewer: AmayBee
    ------ About the song Pretty In Pink performed by The Psychedelic Furs

I'm covering this song for a "punk prom" THANK YOU ROB! That is by far the closest/best translation of the last verse!!!! You are wonderful! May you be blessed with delicious food stuffs and fun times!!!!

80`s guy grown up and lost | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Into You Like A Train performed by The Psychedelic Furs

I`ve seen this guy in the hieght of his career and he was so charismatic I admired him and disappeared into his music as though I wrote the words myself inspirational man those were the days my friend i thought they`d never end

Great song! | Reviewer: Carlos Calvo Artavia
    ------ About the song The Ghost In You performed by The Psychedelic Furs

One of the most beautiful songs from de the 80`s underground... or brit invasion. Their music was quite influential in music, maybe not as Echo or U2, but they have a share.
Good music. Very well crafted.

Awesome Tune - Words & Music | Reviewer: Charley
    ------ About the song Imitation Of Christ performed by The Psychedelic Furs

A real find, punk like, words never repeated, great bass voice, angry and wild yet controlled, lyrics run into the start of the next line and you can get caught up with this singing as he carries you violently thru this song....yet filled with time for instrumentals, nice mix **** Stars

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