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Words and music by Brian May

Oh oh people of the earth
Listen to the warning the seer he said
Beware the storm that gathers here
Listen to the wise man

I dreamed I saw on a moonlit stair
Spreading his hand on the multitude there
A man who cried for a love gone stale
And ice cold hearts of charity bare

I watched as fear took the old men's gaze
Hopes of the young in troubled graves
'I see no day' I heard him say
So grey is the face of every mortal

Oh oh people of the earth!
'Listen to the warning' the prophet he said
For soon the cold of night will fall
Summoned by your own hand

Ah ah children of the land
Quicken to the new life take my hand
Fly and find the new green bough
Return like the white dove

He told of death as a bone white haze
Taking the lost and the unloved babe
Late too late all the wretches run
These kings of beasts now counting their days

From mother's love is the son estranged
Married his own his precious gain
The earth will shake in two will break
And death all round will be your dowry

Oh oh people of the earth
Listen to the warning the seer he said
For those who hear and mark my words
Listen to the good plan

Oh oh oh oh and two by two my human zoo
They'll be running for to come
Running for to come out of the rain

Oh flee for your life
Who heed me not let all your treasure make you
Oh fear for your life
Deceive you not the fires of hell will take you
Should death await you

Ah people can you hear me?
And now I know and now I know
And now I know and now I know
That you can hear me
And now I know and now I know
And now I know Now I know
Now I know now I know
Now I know now I know
Now I know
The earth will shake in two will break
Death all around around around around
Around around around around
Now I know now I know
Now I know now I know
Now I know now I know
Now I know now I know
Now I know now I know
Now I know
Wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo
Listen to the wise listen to the wise listen to the wise
Listen to the wise listen to the wise man
La la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la
La la
La la
Come Here (I - You)
Come Here (I - You)
Come Here (I - You)
Come Here (I - You)

Ah ah ah ah ah
Listen to the man listen to the man listen to the man listen
to the mad man

God gave you grace to purge this place
And peace all around may be your fortune

Oh oh children of the land
Love is still the answer take my hand
The vision fades a voice I hear
Listen to the madman!

But still I fear and still I dare not
Laugh at the madman!

Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., EMI Music Publishing

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shadows of things to come | Reviewer: Rob | 3/28/14

this is by far my favorite real queen song with an intense message - listen to the wise man,how prolific in todays world when all hell is breaking loose and very few are listening to the prophets of old and are embracing the devil they know. first discovered it when I was 14 and got it immediately,today 40 years later it speaks to me even more as I post it for my friends who don't get it,but maybe they will listen to the wise todays devil owned music biz this song would never be permitted because of it's truth nature and good message - good job brian

masterpiece | Reviewer: killer queen | 11/19/13

Wow haven't heard this for a long time but it still resonates now as it did when I first listened to and loved a night at the opera. Brian may is a genius and queen royally rock.

queensongs | Reviewer: al | 7/3/13

i saw my first queen concert in 1973 and it was incredible! it is so refreshing to hear songs like "the prophet song". this biblical song is just one of many that queen made. on queens first album "queen" they made a song called "jesus" and not only is it biblical, it ROCKS! i'll take early queen albums anyday of the week. but all their music is incredible!!

There's still hope. | Reviewer: Lisa | 4/26/13

I truly love this song and really appreciate all of the mythological allusions. I just wanted to tell you that queen is still well known and loved by people of my age group (I'm 17), and eventually when and if I have children, I will introduce them to queen as well. I believe this song will stay alive and strong for generations to come.

Just bought it! | Reviewer: iloveeuclid | 8/16/11

I just bought and listened to this song for the first time. It is SO AWESOME, and it's really interesting how it fits right into Love of My Life. The people on earth won't listen to the prophet because they don't love... and then comes this song about love.

Noah's Flood | Reviewer: Gary Selikow | 2/20/11

It's all about the Great Flood of Noah, who is the prophet warning of impending doom and the need for people to repent.
"The earth will shake in two will break
Death all around around around around
Around around around around" and "Oh oh oh oh and two by two my human zoo
They'll be running for to come
Running for to come out of the rain"
Think about it
Brian had a dream about the flood and then wrote this song!

Awesome. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/11

Perhaps another reason why this song is not more popular is that it is not as accessible as some of the other great Queen songs (Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen etc.). Anyone who likes this song MUST listen to all of Queen II - the most underrated album ever. It shows Queen at their most prog-rock-y and intense.

this song speaks to my soul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/10

i know this song is supposed to be about the flood, but it invokes all mythology. when i first listened to it, i couldn't help thinking of oedipus and calchas before troy. brian may is a true poet! one of my favourite songs. discovered it when i was little, going through my dad's old LPs. he yelled at me so badly in case i'd scratched night at the opera or broadsword and the beast! (i didn't!)

Epic! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/10

As many have said, epic, it sounds like an
orchestra, yet it's rock at it's operatic finest.
It's sad freddies gone, but boy they were fine.
As with everything this music too will die, it's
been 35 years since this came out, sadly in
35 more those of us who love it will ne gone too.
Cheers to all you folks who love queen, George

Breathtakingly Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Sunblast | 1/5/10

I was fortunate to see and hear Queen perform this song live in March of 1976. At their "Night At The Opera" tour.
It was magnificent! As were the other 'new' songs we heard that night including "Bohemian Rhapsody"...
"The Prophet's Song" echoed brilliantly through the small auditorium. An unbelievable song both to hear on the album, and to see performed live!

Brian May's masterpiece | Reviewer: Fretliner | 12/18/09

You can tell by this song how much this man is gifted, years before he earned his PhD in Astrophysics which is nowadays his main area of activity...

Most of his other Queen songs are way less complex musically and lyrically than this one, also less complex than those of Freddie Mercury, but this one is a true masterpiece by a gigantic band.

Unique | Reviewer: Niloo | 10/31/09

I strongly believe that every song from the album " A Night at the Opera " is a true masterpiece in music history. This song clearly shows genius of Queen. I advise everyone to listen to this song. Even those who don't listen to Queen normally or that kind of music. The Prophet's Song will blow your mind, I promise.

Five Stars | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/09

By far, my favourite Queen song.
This song is as relevant now-a-days as it was thirty years ago.
You could read the lyrics alone and recognize how incredible this song has the potential to be..
The execution of everything is absolutely stunning. I would've killed just to hear Freddie Mercury sing three lines of this song live. Everything about this song is epic, everything about it is brilliant.

Yet another reason | Reviewer: GutterTheatrical | 6/2/09

it's not played on radio, other than length and follow-in to Love Of My Life, is the tone. This kind of epic songs with more, let' say, serious lyrics, are not really radio favorites. Just spending a half hour on some station you see the deepest they go is breakup songs.
Man, it's a pity. To just stop and listen to this... it makes you feel and *think*. And it rocks your socks, too =)

-- | Reviewer: Tina | 5/7/09

Beautiful song. Another thing that makes this song great is that it's very hard to stay in tune when singing A Capella, so I commend the boys for doing so well. And the dynamic movements were all so clean. Great technique from them. I wish modern-day songs incorporated these elements.
Oddly enough, I always thought this song had a Native American sound to it and was shocked when I found it it was really Brian May's dream about the Great Flood.

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