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Within Temptation The Promise Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2012 12:17:55 PM

On behalf of her love
She no longer sleeps
Life had no longer meaning
Nothing to make her stay
She sold her soul away

I held you tight to me
You slipped away
You promised to return to me
And I believed, I believed

After the night he died
I wept my tears until they dried
But the pain stayed the same
I didn't want him to die all in vain
I made a promise to revenge his soul in time
I'll make them bleed down at my feet


Sometimes I wonder
Could I have known about their true intentions?
As the pain stayed the same
I'm going to haunt them down all the way
I made a promise to revenge his soul in time
One by one they were surprised


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Fantastic! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/12

I'm new to symphonic-metal and I have fallen in love with it. I've always liked classical and rock music, but I never dreamed of putting them together. I especially enjoy within Temptation. I admit Sharon's voice caught me off guard when I first heard it, but now I can't do without her or the band! Sharon is Sarah Brightman's dark side :-)

Beautiful Operatic Voice Indeed! | Reviewer: Luzbel Jack Esparrakus | 4/17/12

This is one of the best tunes with operatic voice introduced in metal;Sharon`s voice is simply wonderful! I love this song so much!
I don`t think she has bad pronunciation in the lyrics;I understand everything she says;the reason why people find it difficult is because the song is opera-like;and that`s what makes it awesome!
Forgive me everybody but I don`t find anywhere in the song that says: "You almost look happy"; what the guy is saying is Where are you now? You`re almost in heaven" In heaven! And it doesn`t sound like lonesome Capulet either!! Well,for me she sings like an angel so to speak!!

when i first listened | Reviewer: katie | 2/22/12

when I first listened to this song I was not to sure of it. but then I kinda driffted off into a new world of a medevil century. this song is amazeing i love how she can change pitch and emotion throughout and at the start when she first starts singing she sounds a little bit irish. xx love it xx

Brilliant | Reviewer: Lana | 4/9/11

I thought this song was brilliantly done. From composition to the singing, it's like an epic tale, instead of the three minute usual crap we have to listen to in pop music. I also love her voice, she has a fantastic operatic voice, few singers can do that without training, and yet she can. Definitely Within Temptation is a group filled with great song writers and Sharon is a brilliant singer.

fabulous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/09

this song is great...everytime I listen to it I get lost into another feels like a great story or a tale...or even a legend...a passionate and tragic story of love and has so many emotions...and I looove the music too!!!...and it's so inspiring...!

Earlier WT | Reviewer: Geoff | 11/16/09

Bad English. Half of the song you can't even understand due to the poor pronunciation from the singer. "You almost look happy" sounds a lot more like "Lonesome Capulet." Listen to it sometime. I thought it was a song about Romeo and Juliet until I looked up the supposed lyrics, lmao.

Not as good as the other stuff. | Reviewer: Kat | 4/14/09

The beginning made me want to listen to the song, made it sound good, but then she starts singing & it's so high pitched D: I LOVE her other music(hand of sorrow, the howling, our solemn hour), but some of it is just.... like this -.-

Pointer | Reviewer: Galinaros | 1/22/09

I agree that this song was well done, and I thought it would be helpful to show other, similar artists to such people. In most similarity of genre, I would recommend at least checking out some of Nightwish and/or Epica. Happy hunting ;)

like this song | Reviewer: Daan | 8/15/07

Within Temptation is Dutch hehe me2

but the man who is singing at the beginning is the one who died. She is singing about him, thats is why he sings oke? ;)

my favorite song to sing | Reviewer: xxxsweetxxx | 4/6/07

I love this song and I sing it everyday!
I sing like her

whitin tempation | Reviewer: laura | 4/1/07

huau withing tempation es el mejor- me encanta es lo mejor el letras me encantan!!!!
att lauri

Interesting........... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/07

I loved this song...the lyrics are very meaningful....but I don't get the random guy speaking at the beginning....the music was fine without him =]