The Proclaimers Albums

  • Notes & Rhymes Album (6/15/2009)
    Notes & Rhymes
    Love Can Move Mountains
    Three More Days
    Just Look Now
    Sing All Our Cares Away
    It Was Always So Easy (To Find An Unhappy Woman)
    Like A Flame
    I Know
    Shadows Fall
    Free Market
    Wages Of Sin
    On Causewayside
    I Know (Reprise)

  • Life With You Album (9/3/2007)
    Life With You
    In Recognition
    New Religion
    No One Left To Blame
    Here It Comes Again
    Blood Lying On Snow
    Harness Pain
    The Long Haul
    The Lover's Face
    Whole Wide World
    Calendar On The Wall
    If There's A God

  • Restless Soul Album (9/6/2005)
    When Love Struck You Down
    Restless Soul
    Turning Away
    I'm Gone
    That's Better Now
    Everyday I Try
    He Just Can't
    Bound For Your Love
    What I Saw In You
    The One Who Loves You Now
    She's Brighter
    Now And Then
    One More Down

  • Born Innocent Album (11/18/2003)
    Born Innocent
    Should Have Been Loved
    Blood On Your Hands
    Unguarded Moments
    Hate My Love
    You Meant It Then
    Five O'Clock World
    He's Just Like Me
    Role Model
    No Witness
    Dear Deidre
    There's No Doubt

  • Finest Album (9/1/2003)
  • Persevere Album (5/22/2001)
  • Hit the Highway Album (3/22/1994)
  • Sunshine on Leith Album (4/1/1988)
  • This is the Story Album (4/1/1987)

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