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K'La The Prediction Lyrics

Last updated: 06/20/2012 11:00:00 AM

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So here it is, flat out and simple…which do you trust your heart or your head? See your heart will lead you where you want to be, but your head will lead you where you ought to be. But which will lead you where you're meant to be? See I followed my heart and it led me where I am, but my head is continuously telling me that I'm not where I should be by reminding me of the pain I go through just being where I am.

But I ask myself, what if this is meant? Although it's hard, although it hurts, although it feels at times that it may not be fair, what if this is truly meant? What if I wait this out, stick with it through all the pain and hard work and it all pays off? What if I can change his life and in return he changes mine?

But then again, what if I wait this out, stick with it through all the pain and hard work and it falls to pieces? Should I care more about me, or about him? Who should I love more? Am I willing to hurt him now and save myself later, or put myself on the line and save him?

In the end I guess it all comes down to what kind of person you are. Am I a thinker, or am I a feeler? Do I plan ahead or do I follow my whims? Do I use logic or do I use compassion? Do I give condemnations or chances, or even more. Which does he make me want to be?

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