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Manowar The Power Lyrics

Last updated: 04/04/2005 12:00:00 PM

I've Got The Power To Fly Into The Wind
The Power To Be Free To Die And Live Again
This Power's Like Fire, Fire Loves To Burn
Make The World A Grave Of Ashes In A Urn
The Power In The Darkness To See Without My Sight
Walk Among the living, free of wrong or right
The Power Of The Magic, The Power Of The Spell
Not To Serve In Heaven But One Day Rule In Hell

Power The Power The Power

This Power's Greater Than Love And Of Hate
This Is The Power Of Will And Of Fate
The Power To Kill, The Power To Feel
The Power Of Blood, The Triumph Of Steel
Greater Than The Power Of A Priest Or A Sinner
The Power To Defy, To Fight And Be The Winner
The Power Of The Demons, Spirits I Command
Always By My Side, To Serve The Master's Plan

Power The Power The Power

None Can Fight The Power, None Can Fight The Wind
Secrets Of All Life And Death Are Carried There Within
Call Out To The Power Of The Darkness And Light
Have Dominion Of The Earth Be Lord Of All The Night
Kill All Those Who Stand Against You, Look Into Their Eyes
Drink Their Blood And Laugh, [HAHAHA...] As They Pay For All Their Lies
Piss Upon Their Grave, Then Cast A Final Spell
Fly Into The Night, And One Day Meet In Hell

Power The Power The Power
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