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Despite many industry insiders' prediction that Death Cab
For Cutie's incendiary "Why You'd Want to Live Here" would
create a Pacific Northwest vs. Southern California
indie-rock rivalry reminiscent of hip-hop's East Coast/West
Coast conflict, no blood was shed over such lines as "Is
this the City of Angels or demons?" In fact, you might say
most people in Los Angeles couldn't care less that
Seattleite Ben Gibbard was giving their city a good
old-fashioned tongue-lashing.

Silverlake denizen and Dntel mastermind Jimmy Tamborello More...

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Review about The Postal Service songs
Yes and no | Reviewer: Andrew
    ------ About the song We Will Become Silhouettes performed by The Postal Service

Normally when a band hits mainstream they do lose their dignity and creativity to make more than enough money to feed themselves. That's what makes these guys so great, not only are they original and creative, but also good enough for a majority to enjoy their music.

My thoughts exactly | Reviewer: thomas lee
    ------ About the song Against All Odds performed by The Postal Service

This song speaks to me because recently my girlfriend and I of 4 years (since sophomore year of high school (my first love))broke up, and I found a new girl at my college (Princeton) and for some reason I still have feelings for my first love. My past gf and I are both home in the same city right now because of Christmas break (and my respective girlfriend is in California right now (with her ex boyfriend of 3 years(which I don't know what they're doing together right now (I'm kind of nervous)))). Overall, a great song to text my past/true love while drunk haha, to explain my true feelings and hopefully make her understand my circumstances. I love you baby, and I'm sorry (take a look at me now).

Correction | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song We Will Become Silhouettes performed by The Postal Service

The Shins did not, in fact, write this song. Ben Gibbard did. It is an original Postal Service song, the Shins just covered it. Iron and Wine did a Postal Service cover, too.

Genius! | Reviewer: Mikaela
    ------ About the song Such Great Heights performed by The Postal Service

I really love this song. Just all around a great band. This reminds me of my older brother before he passed away two months ago. In realization, many people have their opinions about this song but when you think about it some of those people are right..well, most of the time. It's not everyday you hear a really amazing song and find out it's a cover. Honestly, I didn't think this song was a cover until I had asked Ben Gibbard myself. They are both fantastic guys and really nice people. I saw them in concert when I was 15 and when I heard them sing this song in my front row seat and him pointing at me was really the most exciting thing ever. Now that I am older I still feel that excitment everytime I watch the video from that night. I couldn't imagine having a better day than spending it with both of them. They inspired me to write music and I been writing ever since. Don't matter what other people have to say about these guys and who has a better version. In my opinion, The Postal Service has a decent and a good cover. People should keep their comments to themselves, but hey no one can seem to do that. I love you guys!

The district sleeps alone tonight opinion | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song The District Sleeps Alone Tonight performed by The Postal Service

in the begging the smeared black ink he might be talking about is the smeared ink from a note that has tears on it, or perhaps hes talking directly to the girl as shes crying with her makeup smearing, listening to her last demands to make the relationship work. Hes staring at the asphalt not hearing or in disbeleif of whats really happening.

the second verse or the song says "I'll wear my badge
A vinyl sticker with big block letters
Adherent to my chest
That tells your new friends
I am a visitor here: I am not permanent
And the only thing keeping me dry is where I am" he talking about how he is sitting in with someone at their (or his) AA meeting (Hello my name is- the adhearant sticker on his chest) the only think keepong him dry(sober) is where he is which is some sort of aa or support group. Thats what i personally got from that particular part of the song, but who knows i could be wrong.

finally when he says you seem so out of context in this gaudy apartment complex, it could relate to the feeling you get when you break up with someone and you go to visit them, and its as if you never happened it seems as if the place she is currently in isnt right that she should be with you anything else just feels out of context.

twards the end hes leaveing a bar most likely after his last encounter with the woman reminicing on why he was the one worth leaveing. and at the end it seems that he came to a self realization.

Im a hudge fan of the postal service, but if they made songs this deep and with this much meaning, i can see why theyre not rushing to make a second album, or even go on tour and sing these songs every night. i would be in a constant state of heartbreak.

ba ba ba ba | Reviewer: Emma-Kate
    ------ About the song We Will Become Silhouettes performed by The Postal Service

I love this version of the song. But to those of you who say that the Shins covered it, I just want to point out that the Shins were who originally wrote it. :) Just giving credit to those who deserve it.

Nonetheless, I think Ben Gibbard has a brilliant way of composing his music.

making babies | Reviewer: Bogey
    ------ About the song Brand New Colony performed by The Postal Service

I'm pretty sure this song is about making babies and having a family, or at least it seems that way to me. A man confesses all that he'll do for a woman and everything he can be for her, even a father and a husband. It's about walking away from the hectic and addicted elements of a city love and finding shared truth in a brand new colony.

Sleepin in | Reviewer: Gagan
    ------ About the song Sleeping In performed by The Postal Service

Since I listened to this song, sort of addicted for it. You just forget everything else, and feels like you are in heavens. The best part, you never get bored with this song, no matter how many times you listen to it. Magical song I should say, so much mesmerizing.

What it meant to him | Reviewer: Noone
    ------ About the song The District Sleeps Alone Tonight performed by The Postal Service

It says on Wikipedia that Ben wrote the song after his girlfriend moved to Washington D.C. So I guess it's about his depression and sadness when he visits her and thinks about why she left. He's feeling like a stranger now.

Mainstream =/= Bad | Reviewer: Conal
    ------ About the song We Will Become Silhouettes performed by The Postal Service

Why do you think a band becoming popular ruins the music? Look at Brand New, there first album was pretty basic pop-rock that sounded like so many other bands, then they got more popular and started making amazing original music that has a deep meaning a lot of the time

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