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Three sleepless nights
This isn't how its supposed to be.
But you're so good at
taking your time to get back to me.

I will wait for you forever,
if you would just ask me.
I thought that I could change you
but you changed me.

It doesn't feel right,
holding someone else's hand.
Together on phone line,
and living at two opposite ends.

It scares me to think,
that you could find takers other than me
and better than me.

But your head is elsewhere,
and I'm talking enough for both of us.
When will you see it's not (it's not) so easy for me

You're careless, and whispered, insulting, and bruising.
(I fall from you eyes, your eyes I trusted)
And I thought that you said things were improving.
(I fall from you eyes, you said forever)
These laces are untied, (I fall from you eyes...)
but my feet are still walking away.

I never thought that you could say these words.
Is this really happening?
I never thought that you could say these words. (Don't say...)
Is this really happening?
I never thought that you could say these words. (Don't say that we can...)
Is this really happening?
I never thought that you could say these words. (Don't say that we can still be...)
Is this really happening?
I never thought that you could say these words. (Don't say that we can still be friends)
Is this really happening?

Erase my name from this page.

How can you take all these days
(What is inside of me what have I done?)
and throw them away
(Is this the only way that you will notice me?)
as I sit here waiting for you (for you)
(Dead words for closed ears all this is sung for you)

I stay up nights
(If you are still pretending this is what's right)
until stars leave the sky
(Why can't you look at me can you only see?)
knowing what my dreams can take away
(One side, your side, can take away)
Walk away from me.
This night is done.

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I feel like this song is about me | Reviewer: Brendan | 7/3/11

Ive been listening to this song non stop for almost 2 weeks. My girlfriend and I of a year and a half recently broke up. She was/is everything to me. I just made stupid, immature mistakes that should have been prevented. I thought I could change her, but she ended up changing me. It doesn't feel right holding someone else's hand. It scares the hell out of me that is trying to find takers other than me, and better than me. I've been trying so hard to get her back but all it has done is push her further away. But it is so unbelievably hard to just let her go. I love emery.

Now i realized | Reviewer: crying lover | 2/9/11

its sucks that after I while, u kinda realized that, that person was for u! and that u cannot find another person like him! :(.. i had a bf .. we spend 10 months 2gether and even thou it was little time , we lived alot together, we worked together , eat together.. i mean everythin we spend our time textin! it was awesome but i kinda move to the other side of the world and we kinda grow apart more and more from each other as each day passed by.. now that we are not together im realizing that i do need him.. and that i cannot find another person that can know me so well as he did :(

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/10

When I was 15 and this guy was 14, he was way obsessed with me. I always listened to this song because it has such great meaning.. He did to. On his myspace (of course) each picture had a word as a caption. I. Will. Wait. For. You. Forever. I went out with him then broke up because he was too shy. How shallow.I listened to this song so much and never understood what it meant (the phrase on his pictures). I gave him another chance, he was just so obsessed but so shy at the same time. Like I said, I gave him another chance.. Best decision of my life. I'm now 20 and were happily engaged, been living together for 2 and half years, it brought us closer. We live together, work together.. Hang out everyday together. You'd think so much time would drive a couple apart but, not for us. It just depends on the relationship and the couple. Everyones different, he's the vest thing in my life and I'm so grateful for him. I do wish for the romantic obsessive days lol. But he's still a sweetheart. :] 4 years in march. 3-28-07 the ponytail parade is "our" song.

what do I do now... | Reviewer: michael | 9/14/10

today is my birthday.. And today is the day I lost my love.. I have been in this relationship for a year and a half and today she decided that she would do a facebook break up then not even say anything about it... She even txted I love you to me .. She says she will always love me but how can you love someone if you are not with them... This is a horribly confusing time in my life and the first that ame to mind was this song... It has soo much meaning.. It makes me cry.. If anyone out there wants to talk I'm here.. Just email me.. Thanks

Fav much? | Reviewer: Jeremiah DeTavernier | 6/28/10

Anyone can relate to this song man, and i love to just skim through and hear the stories of different people but lets get some soppy guys here to!
I was dating this chick for about a year, and then we were separated, we continued dating for eight months afterwards, and she broke up with me for someone else. To be honest, i kinda loved the chick :P. It just seems that this song always makes me feel better about the situation, because it lets me know theres other people out there feeling this. Which would also be good for some of ya'll to know, shit happens, but dont let it get you down to much, love is really just shoving a dagger into your chest and choosing which direction to pull :D

Probably the best lyrics for a break up song ever.
Repeat much?

Bittersweet | Reviewer: abk | 6/25/10

ive always loved this song. i found out a out emery from my ex.
well we dated for over two years, i was his everything and he was mine, but i wasnt always the best girl friend, i pushed him away countless times, but he put up with me because he loved me so much.
in may he left me, told me he had been talking to another girl.
i found out they hadnt been just "talking", they went out one day behind my back and were kissing and everything, probably more than one time. but it was so messed up. 3 days after we broke up they started officially dating. on their one month anniversary they were posting i love you on the internet. im just like really? you really love this girl youve known for just a few months?
it was some girl from his work, he probably met in march. and whom he left me for in may. me. the girl he knew for three years and dated for two, his best friend. he wont even talk to me now. this song really applies now, especially the "you could find takers other than me, better than me."

wow... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/10

the song really speaks to me, and the title is just so... so perfect for it. i had a boy, and man, i loved him to death. still love him in some aspects.
he wore his hair in a ponytail, and long and blonde and all that jazz.

well, my situation with him is, that we "dated" nineteen times. [i put 'dated' in quotes because it wasn't really dating, not really... it was him ripping me to shreds each time for someone new.]
every time we would break up because he found a new girl, i'd listen to this song and fall deeper in love with him. i was blind. i didn't realize that i was just his back up plan, his second chance, his mistake that he kept making just because he knew he could.
to me, this is about being used in a sense.
the first time i heard this song was the first time we broke up and i was looking for something to console me.
this song found me, i guess.
i finally got up the courage after my best friend died to let go of this guy; after listening to this song countless times and being that person with sleepless nights... and it hurt so bad to let go.
it still hurts.

i guess this song has become a part of me.

i love it for all the wrong reasons, but it is on my everyday playlist.

i don't think i would of lived through everything without it.

<3 | Reviewer: Ylinde | 4/13/10

Just like everyone else here I can relate to this song.

I met a guy and kinda liked him, but he also had a friend with whom I also had (internet)contact, that friend was so sweet and so nice, he was just the perfect guy.
He also liked me.
I chose the first guy, because I actually never met his friend. I knew it was the wrong dission. What was confirmed when he dumped me after 3 weeks.
Round that time his friend started talking to me again, because he wanted to warn me for this guy, because he was saying mean things behind my back.

After a little while I was dating this friend en fell totaly in love. But the he decided that he couldn't do it anymore. because he didn't want to be hurt again. I totaly understand him. But now I hate myself for not giving him enough chances at the first place.

He gave up his best-friendship for me, and I think he's kinda lonely now. I hate myself so much and I love him. but he will never be able to love me..
I wish him the best and I know that's not me. I really wished it would be me. I want to scream at him that i love him, and always will. But that would be a waste. He will find someone better.

this song hurts so damn bad | Reviewer: hopeless romantic | 11/8/09

i live this song. i have a horrible love life. i just want to scream this song at the girl im waiting for. i love her and today she tried to kill herself cuz of her boyfriend. why the fuck cant she see im so much better for her!?

Ashalee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/09

Goddamn. No joke. This song, is the story of my life. I let go of the most amazing guy in the universe, because i was young and thought i needed to see what else was out there, but in the end he was the only thing that made me happy, ever. He would be singing this song. He has been living this song as a matter of fact, and ive finally realized i need and want him more than anything in this world. He waited for me. I am far too lucky.

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