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Kansas The Pinnacle Lyrics

Last updated: 11/17/2010 10:00:00 AM

I've so much to say, and yet I cannot speak
Come and do my bidding now for I have grown too weak
My weary eyes have seen all that life can give
Come to me, O young one, for you I can forgive

I stood where no man goes, and conquered demon foes
With glory and passion no longer in fashion
The hero breaks his blade

Cast this shadow long that I may hide my face
And in this cloak of darkness the world I will embrace
In all that I endure, of one thing I am sure
Knowledge and reason change like the season
A jester's promenade

Lying at my feet I see the offering you bring
The mark of Cain is on our faces, borne of suffering
O, I long to see you say it's not been wrong
I stand before you now, a riddle in my song
The answer is that sweet refrain
Unheard it always will remain
Beyond our reach, beyond our gain

Trapped in life's parade, a king without a crown
In this joy of madness, my smile might seem a frown
With talons wrought of steel, I tore the heart of doom
And in one gleaming moment I saw beyond the tomb
I stood where no man goes, above the din I rose
Life is amusing though we are losing
Drowned in tears of awe.

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Real music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/10

I wish Rey were more well known they arethe best american Rock band ever IMO.... Changing timesignatures/ tempo changes.... Wonderful vocals, great melodies, complicated of the best drummers in rock, technical instrumentals, cool lyrics...... Real music seems dead in today's world.

Kansas: Overlooked and Under-Rated | Reviewer: John Hawkins | 3/19/08

If you appreciate real musicianship, you should see these guys perform live in their prime! Check out YouTube, these 3 songs in particular:
Journey to Mariabronn
The Pinnacle
These 3 are all from Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, 1974-1976. That was a great venue for LIVE rock on TV. Live and raw, no lip-syncs, no gimmicks. Rock may have reached it's "Pinnacle" about then.

Totally Awesome Song | Reviewer: Ian Spohn | 1/31/07

This is definitely one of Kansas's best songs. The lyrics are just plain awesome, "I've stood where no man goes/And conquered demon foes." It's rock blended with classical, basically pretty representative of Kansas. Too bad bands today can't write music like this. Totally awesome song.