The Pink Spiders Albums

  • Sweat It Out Album (9/23/2008)
    Busy Signals
    Gimme Chemicals
    Seventeen Candles
    Falling With Every Step
    Truth Or Dare
    Don't Wait For Me
    Settling For You
    Please Maria
    Sleeping On The Floor
    Trust No One
    Here Comes Trouble
    Mrs. Ruston

  • Teenage Graffiti Album (8/1/2006)
    Soft Smoke
    Saturday Nite Riot
    Modern Swinger
    Hollywood Fix
    Little Razorblade
    Back To The Middle
    Nobody Baby
    Hey Jane
    Still Three Shy
    Easy Way Out
    Pretend That This Is Fiction
    Secret Song

  • Hot Pink Album (11/16/2004)
    Stereo Speakers
    Teenage Graffiti
    Knock Knock
    Sham On
    Going Steady
    Hollywood Fix
    Modern Swinger
    Talk Hard
    Chicago Overcoat
    Little Razorblade
    Soft Smoke

  • The Pink Spiders Are Taking Over! Album (1/1/2004)
    How's This For Space?
    Awkward Time In Elevators
    Katie Kutthroat
    All The Cool Girls Are Dead
    Adios Prizefighter
    Lovers Into Ghosts
    Pull The Curtain

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