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A Small Victory The Pieces We Keep Lyrics

Last updated: 01/05/2004 08:12:04 PM

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as your lips turn blue it only reminds me i'm not free from your nightmare that i'm living in when grey skys turn blue i'm holding on to every scream trying to wake you will you wake up now? cut up on the floor your arms hold on to me some how but thats all you'll get for now we cant pretend that this is... and as you turn cold and hold on to me this night because the ground will only break you like morning skys feeled with glimmering sunrise i'd let you go if i knew that it would break you as your lips turn every shade of blue confusing everyone you look at can you hear me now screaming out your name i wont give up on this grey night its the pieces that we keep for ourselves when his lips wont do keep mine in mind its gonna take time but im gonna be fine when his lips wont do keep mine in mind its gonna take time im gonna be just fine if only you could mean more to me if only i could keep cool headed its the pieces we keep for ourselves

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