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Tool The Patient Lyrics

Last updated: 08/17/2014 06:17:27 PM

A groan of tedium escapes me,
startling the fearful.
Is this a test?
It has to be.
Otherwise I can’t go on.
Draining patience, drain vitality.
This paranoid, paralyzed vampire acts a little old.

But I’m still right here,
giving blood and keeping faith.
And I’m still right here.

But I’m still right here,
giving blood and keeping faith.
And I’m still right here.

Wait it out...
I’m gonna wait it out.
Be patient...

If there were no rewards to reap,
no loving embrace to see me through,
this tedious path I’ve chosen here,
I certainly would’ve walked away, by now.

Gonna wait it out

If there were no desire to heal,
The damaged and broken met along
this tedious path I’ve chosen here,
I certainly would’ve walked away, by now.

And I still may...
And I still may...

Be patient. [x3]

I must keep reminding myself of this... [x4]

If there were no rewards to reap,
No loving embrace to see me through,
this tedious path I’ve chosen here,
I certainly would’ve walked away by now.
And I still may, and I still may, and I still may, and I may...

Gonna wait it out.
Gonna wait it out.
Wait it out.
Gonna wait it out.

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My view of the song | Reviewer: Steve | 8/18/14

I think it has, somewhat, a deep message about its much more satisfying to live as kind and beloved person even if its not rewarding be it immediate, later on in time, or never at all. So i think not only about a patient living with a illness or Maynard's life when his mother was in the hospital when he was young.

And guys, remember Tool wants their music to give you your own interpretation of their songs. Thus why they never release official lyrics in the first place. They want you guys to have your own opinion of the song. Neither right nor wrong.

Truth In This Song | Reviewer: Anon | 7/1/14

This song is about the trials of the enlightened. It is hard 'work'. The energy is drained, and often the enlightened kill themselves or suffer from mental 'disorders' as a result of not being able to handle the powerful energy they thrust upon themselves. The vampire is the craving for knowledge. The 'patient' is also the 'healer'.

seems straightforward | Reviewer: julian | 5/29/13

I was listening to this song today and thought id finally check out the lyrics. I was pretty surprised of how straightforward the meaning of the song seemed. It seems to be just about taking care of someone with a terminal illness and all the pain, frustration and strange emotions that brings. I am very familiar with that subject and im pretty sure maynards mom was ill for most of his life and was kind of a vegetable. As with all tool songs im sure there are other meanings and intentions tied in but this seems like the main message, atleast to me.

Your all wrong | Reviewer: No1Toolfan | 5/15/13

Being the no1 Tool fan the song only means what i interpret it to be.Fuck me wake up i really dont care what it means to you as it means what it means to me which is different to what it means to you.Whogives a fuck what the meaning is to the the band.Some seem to be missing the point of great music "we all relate in our own ways and thats what makes it special.Its not a competition of who is the biggest tool fan.I really couldnt give a fuck about what Maynard meant by this or that.

Hey Nicker Bastard | Reviewer: Tha Phantom | 5/12/13

Nice job criticizing everyone else for their take, especially when much of Tool's music is meant to be open for interpretation. Besides, Eon Blue Apocalypse is about Jones' dog, not The Patient. Get it right if you're going to be that critical.

Stop saying anything if you dont know shit | Reviewer: Nicker Bastard | 1/26/13

sorry guys but if you would have just check a little bit more on the internet you would have probably found that adam jones wrote this song about his great dane who died of bone cancer so stop always thinking about maynard and his and his fucking spirituality... we all know maynard is spiritual but if you were real followers of tool you would all have realised that tool is not all about fucking spiritual path and all that hippie bullshit....

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/12

I think, one of Tools most inspiring songs. Gotta be how most of us have felt at one time or another: tedium, paranoid, fearful, draining patience, frustration, drained vitality, lack of mental or spiritual strength.

Is this a test? All these feelings making us wonder if there is more out there, a meaning or purpose to life? I think there is, a place for humanity among the universe.

But im still right here: we are still here. Somehow managing to evolve over hundereds of thouseands of years, maybe millions of years. Into this exciting time and utter explosion of technological evolution, I think, we are being led (and held back)

Gonna wait it out: to let nature take it's course and see how far we can evolve and get to the truth.

"if there were no rewards to reap. loving embrace to see me through." Maynard, and me, and many others, believe that there is something else out there to achieve as a species, enlightenment perhaps.

Be patient means a lot to me, because I will achieve enlightenment in this lifetime, if I dont kill myself (certainly would have walked away by now (and I did try to kill myself twice), and I still may. For humanity, we need to think of future generations (which I believe our souls, spirits, shadows, will still be a big part of, dead or alive)

A slightly unusual perspective | Reviewer: Matthew Coad | 2/14/12

This is my take on "The Patient".

As observed by other, the Lateralus has a very strong spiritual bent and the entire
album can easily be interpreted as a spritual journey.

So what is "The Patient" about. The term "The Patient" has two meanings within the song.

The first is someone who has a disease. And being a patient implies that they are being
examined or treated for that disease.

The second meaning is about being "Patient". Having patience. Waiting with good grace for a required outcome.

So who is "The Patient" the one who is sick? Us poor suffering humans. Lots of commenters are clearly identifing with that.

So what is "The patients" disease. What is causing their suffering?

Well thats what the Lyrics of the song are describing.

"If there were no rewards to reap,"
"no embrace to see me through,"
"this tedious path I’ve chosen here,"
"I certainly would’ve walked away, by now."

"The Patient" thinks that if their was no reward to reap then the patient wouldn't have put up with all this shit. "The Patient" logically thinks there must be some point to them putting up with all this crap, if their isn't they would have walked away by now. Thus it logically follows that they should "Be Patient". To Keep reminding yourself of this. Keep the faith. Keep giving blood. Wait it out.

Everyone reading this is probably familiar with the Rhoteric. Be good. Behave. Go to school. Study hard. Work hard. Do as you are told. Get married. Obey your superiors. Do all this and you will "Get your reward".

Their is no "cure" described anywhere in the song. Being "patient" is not the cure to the "patients" suffering. Being "patient"
is the "patients" disease. The lyrics are describing the thinking of "The patient" which are totally logical, conventional, normal, told to the "Patient" over, and over again, said by advertising, politicans, parents, teachers, bosses, the opinion of any regular sane ordinary person. And they are also totally wrong.

So what is the "Cure"? Listen to the rest of the album.

Meaning. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/12

Maynard wrote this music to fuck with the world's mind, in my opinion. Everyone thinks every song is about something different. They're about whatever you want them to be about, people.
For instance, I relate this song to giving blood for money for more drugs, because I am a heavy drug user and I've had to do so in the past.. But that's just MY OPINION. Everyone has their own opinions about every song. Get over yourself.

Be Patient | Reviewer: Benign_Devine | 10/23/11

Imo, these lyrics are pretty straight forward. I think Maynard is tormented by the burden that is life... but remains patient.

"If there were no reward to reap (...) I certainly would have walked away by now"

I feel the same way. I'm sick of the hardships of life, but I am hopeful that there is a higher purpose to it all. I will be patient.

Its pretty much plain and simple | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/11

The key to the song is the title. The patient. The song is all about patience.

The lyrics never let on to what exactly he needs to be patient for- but it specifies that he has backup of loving embrace to help him, and the rewards are worth it. But he still may walk away.

Perhaps the most revealing part of what is going on is here:

If there were no desire to heal,
The damaged and broken met along
this tedious path I’ve chosen here

get fucked | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/11

aww u fuckers wont post my shit well fuck you in the ass with a goat dick u mother fuckers what do u know about music anyways yall got your heads up your asses lookin for meaning in something thats only designed to be entertainment get fucked and learn more about music befor u post shitty lil comments tryin to find some meaning in a song

yall are on drugs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/11

tool is and always will be the greatest band of all time!!! yall are on crack if your looking for meaning in a song. Maynard states in a very early interview that there music is based on the study of human pain. so all u wannabe maynard fans get a grip and put down the goddam crack pipe!!!

kyle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/11

Yes liz you are very correct about tool being spiritual through their music. thats why the genre is psychodelic art. it is not just music it is a practice of spiritual belief and they will guide you through life if you listen closely and think hard about their music. Everything is a reference to thoughts and beliefs that come from meditation and opening your third eye. thats why they have alex gray that does their artwork. He is very big is spirituality and meditation and psychodelics. psychodelics in my opinion should not be illegal or considered a drug. they help influence the opening of the third eye and coming to enlightenment. meditation is one of the most positive influencing things a person can do. it shows so many things on how to achieve great things by bringing out the insides of your mind you have never been able to reach and showing you who you really are.

sad and beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/11

My english sucks but....

Well i have been split up with my girlfrind a couple weeks ago, and i still call her as i always did, and i keep helping her everytime i can, even when i know that nothing will be the same, but i try to fix all this shit between us, and this songs reminds me our situation

"But I’m still right here,
giving blood and keeping faith.
And I’m still right here."